Review and Swatches: The New Dior Addict Lipsticks

I’ve been sitting on this for a while, because I really wanted to test them out, and there are 10… so it did take some time. Given, I could have just you know, swatched them and let you know what I thought of them immediately, but that just seems half arsed to me. There are many shades available for the NEW Dior Addict Lipsticks (I’ve read that the Addict Extremes are being discontinued by the way) and I have 10 to show you.



New Dior Addicts



The new Dior Addicts are supposed to be a hybrid formula that provides you intense colour and long lasting top coat in one. Let me first tell you that intense here does not translate to opaque pigmentation. These are Dior Addicts, and they are SHEER lipsticks. Of course, some sheerer than others, but if you’re expecting the colours to completely take away your natural lip colour and drown it in intense pigmentation, well, you’ll be disappointed. Also, the colours of these lipsticks do look a little different depending on how pigmented your natural lip colour is. If you love lightweight lipsticks that are sheer and absolutely forgiving, with a certain shine that makes your lips look fuller, then these are AWESOME! They do last a good 4 hours on me without having to re-apply and that’s with drinking and snacking. I guess if you do not eat or drink anything in 4 hours, then it would last longer? And if you have that habit, I do strongly advise you to please drink more water. Just sayin’.



Dior Addicts Dior Addict



Photo above – yes, finger prints and all, to show you how they actually look when you use them. Who applies lipsticks with gloves on anyway? LOL! These new Dior Addicts have 3 different finishes – pure colour, shimmering and pearlescent. Pure colours are without any shimmer, and are just like your regular Addicts, shimmering are those with micro shimmers in the lipstick and pearlescent ones offer you high shine finish without shimmer. I’ve never been a fan of shimmery lipsticks, but these are done very subtly. When I remove the shimmery ones, I do detect some left over glitters, but when worn, they’re undetectable. The finish is more glossy than shimmery, in my opinion. While these apply very smoothly and easily, I find that one of them (Power – pure colour finish) drags a little on my lips. I experience no such thing with the rest.

Without much ado, here are the swatches.



Dior Addict swatches



They do swatch sheerer on my arm (at least 4 passes for each swatch). When worn, the colours show up much better. Before I show you how they look on me, let me just tell you that I swatched all of these in 1 session. By the final 3, my lips were already stained, and they do look REDDER than they really are. I guess that’s what they’d look like if you have extremely pigmented lips. Also, Riviera and Power look very similar with Riviera a little more orange. In the photos however, the difference is quite minimal.

And…. here we go.



Delight n Frimousse Wonderful n Must Have Tribale n Smile Riviera n Power Fashion Night n Be Dior



Whew. Done.

Fashion Night is more purple in real life, and Be Dior a little more berry.

How do these compare with the old Addicts? I find these to be more moisturizing, that’s for sure. The intensity is pretty similar to the Addict Extremes, so I’m happy with that. I do note that most of the shades available in Addict Extremes are also available in this new formula, so yay! Oh, if you’re wondering, the lettering CD in the lipstick bullet does go all the way through. So when you use it, the “CD” will still be there. That’s where the top coat lies, apparently. There you go.

My favourite out of the 10 has to be Riviera.

What’s yours?


xoxo Lily



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  • Haha, love these shots, Lily! I have to review mine – it’s way paler on me! I do think they’re more moisturizing than the previous iteration. Is there some sort of guide or way to know what the finish it based on the name/number? I don’t like the shimmery ones at all (I swatched some), so I think if I get any more, I’ll prolly stick to the non-shimmer non-pearl ones.

    • Lily

      Thanks Larie. Frimousse looks great on you! I was looking for a list as well, that sorts them according to finishes. Couldn’t find it though.

  • These shots are GOLD lily! Love them all on you! I think I’m getting some to review so YAY! I can hardly wait now! I think you look good in all of them! Glad to hear they’re more moisturizing-I already loved Dior Addicts, so that’s just gonna nail it for me now! WAHOO!

    • Lily

      Haha thanks Tracy. Can’t wait to read what you think of them! If you already love the Dior Addicts, then these won’t disappoint šŸ™‚

  • Loving the lip swatches! :p they all look lovely on you, Lily!

    • Lily

      Thank you Sukie! Hope you’re feeling better now šŸ™‚

  • These are all so pretty, but as I have to remind myself whenever pretties like these launches, sheer lipsticks just doesn’t cut it for me in the long run. Love the swatches, though. Looks like you had fun šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Thanks Siri. If you prefer lipsticks with more pigment, Rouge Diors are pretty good too.

  • Fingerprints: of course! I have them all over my stuff. Hey these sound good to me. I agree, this long lasting thing with lip products, hey the duration need not be epic because: EATING! I think I’d be into something like Smile right now.

    • Lily

      Haha yes, I wonder how some test their lipsticks, saying they last 5 or 6 hours on them with eating and drinking? What do they eat? Bird food? HAHAHAH!

  • I love these pictures of you!!! So fun šŸ™‚ I also really like Be Dior on you.

    • Lily

      Thanks Isabelle. Be Dior is really pretty šŸ™‚

  • Lily

    Hi Angelina, yes, I thought they would apply stronger too but these are Addicts and they are sheer lipsticks. Because of that, the pigment of your natural lip color plays a huge role I think. Hope you’ll find something you like!

  • Hey Lily, your posts are always so much fun to read!! Is that your real handwriting?? So cute!!! I do agree these are not very pigmented at all… and strangely, they feel drying to my lips. šŸ™

    • Lily

      Thanks Linda. No, that’s not my handwriting! I wish I could create a font with my handwriting though. That would be fun. Sorry to hear they feel drying on your lips! I thought these are more moisturizing than their older version… but then again, my lips are pretty OK. I think so far, the only lipsticks that feel really dry on my lips are from MAC. I haven’t tried anything from them for years already, so things might have changed for the better šŸ™‚

  • Gah, gorgeous, Lily!!
    I was half-disapproving this revamp because I thought the Dior Addict was perfect as it was, then I see this and am trying to figure out how to make up an excuse to grab a few of these new colors (gracefully, I mean).
    Riviera & Fashion Nights are my favorites! ;D

    • Lily

      No excuse needed, Lena. Just grab them! These lipsticks are your formula, that’s for sure. Sheer, moisturizing, comfortable, natural!

  • They all look pretty. I like Be Dior the most because of the pigmentation. However, your pictures and goofy faces are the best šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Lol thanks Agata. I thought it would be boring if I did the same smile in the 10 pictures!

  • Daniel Hamza

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