Review: Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer & Corrector

Today’s review is going to be a little different. I didn’t want to type a whole lot, so let’s just look at some pictures, ok? This is going to be picture heavy, but I reduced the size of the photos. Hopefully, it won’t take too long to load! Apologies in advance 🙂



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I also want to talk a little about the brush (RM190) because I’ve been using it daily, and I love it! No wet dog smell when I wash it, no shedding, no bleeding, very soft and extremely easy to wash. The full coverage face side is very soft, and the touch up brush is a little stiffer, but they both get the job done very well. I’ve been using the full coverage face brush for all my bases, and it works on creams, liquids and even powders. No streaks, blends in foundations like a pro and it’s so soft, it doesn’t drag your face around. If you’re looking for a face brush that works with most face products, I say check out this one! Do I need a backup of this full coverage face brush?

OK, review done. Now, tell me what YOU think!


xoxo Lily



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Here’s the ingredient list, in case you’re interested!