Some Non Makeup Items I’ve Been Loving Lately

I am an accessories person. I love my shoes, my rings, my earrings, my bangles, my watches and my necklaces. However, since I have to carry Ashton around, I’ve minimized wearing necklaces (he has a very strong grip and pull!) and dangling earrings to avoid unwanted accidents. I’ve been working out regularly as well, and shoes are the most important. I have a pair of old Adidas, and it’s very well worn. I wore it to the recent Viper Challenge, and I think it’s time to say goodbye after that obstacle course. Say hello to my new Nike! I’ve had this for a couple of months, and I love it! I love that it’s bright and airy, no smelly feet, but stable enough for heavier lifting in the gym and light enough for a run. This is a gift from my parents in law, and I think I need another pair. This is my only pair of good shoes at the moment.






And… watches. I love my watches. I usually buy based on looks and not functionality. Hahaha! I especially love these chunky┬átype watches because they look cool and they double as a bangle. I also have a more delicate one, which is in rose gold, and I’ll show you another time. This one though, I bought it about 6 years ago, and it’s still going strong. And the best thing is it only cost me RM80 – which is less than US20 at the current exchange rate. It’s a steal, I think!



bangle watch



Another watch I’ve been wearing is a wooden watch. Is it a trend now, wooden watches? I was approached by Jord wooden watches to try this out, and after reading Tracy’s write up on it, I said yes. I picked a unisex one, and I think I picked it right. It’s a Fieldcrest Green Sandalwood which in my opinion, isn’t too bulky and isn’t too feminine either. The color green is actually a murky beige, which I think will darken over time. I’ve been wearing it regularly, but there are no changes to the color just yet. Also, just to show you what it looks like on men, I got my husband to hand model it for you. See? Works just fine ­čÖé



Jord men Jord woman



What accessories have you been wearing lots of lately? What is the one accessory that you must have on your body before leaving the house, well, other than shoes of course?



xoxo Lily



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