Sunday Stash Shopping #55: Esqido Little Black Lash and Tom Ford

Oh hi there! Didn’t think I’d do another stash shopping so soon but seems like I had a productive day yesterday. Took lots of photos, so hopefully I’ll be able to write more. Today, I wanted to show you the other Esqido false lash I received. The last one was a more dramatic one (while still looking natural) and this Little Black Lash is something that can be used even when you’re going out grocery shopping!



Little Black Lash



Pretty isn’t it? So I thought I’d match it using some other pretty things. I’ve already shown you She Wolf, but I haven’t showed you the blush (Love Lust) and lipstick (Indian Rose) from Tom Ford here on the blog. They’re the only ones I have, more like purchases to see what the fuss is about. I love them, but the price is more for the name than anything else, I reckon. However, I’m in love with his Lip Shine in Lust. If you know any dupes, please let me know!



Tom Ford



Here’s the look I created.



look1 look2



Here’s a closer look at the lashes. See how it just peeps through and not a full on lash attack?






If you love false lashes, I do recommend these Esqido mink lashes. They’re soft and oh so natural. Lightweight, comfortable and plain gorgeous! I love this Little Black Lash to pieces. Tom Ford She Wolf is a limited edition palette I bought off a blog sale, but the blush and lipstick are permanent if you’re interested. The blush is what you’d expect from a luxury brand. I wasn’t disappointed, but I wasn’t in awe either. The lipstick isn’t drying nor is it hydrating, but I do love the color. Hope you enjoyed today’s look!



xoxo Lily



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  • Eep, gorgeous, Lily! I love that haircut, dude. Also, I love how that eyeshadow look has a sort of holographic feel to it – duochrome-ish. Super pretty!

    • Lily

      Thanks Larie. My hair grows very fast though. So it’ll look different soon enough!

  • Love it! ;D Indian Rose is gorgeous and looking deeper on you than I’ve seen on others. She Wolf is like the epitome of cool neural eyeshadows. So pretty! I still regret not buying it when it was around.

  • Indian Rose OH MY! I love that colour! I actually like his lipsticks. I have Love Lust and it’s ok-other shades are better. She Wolf looks amazing though! I’ve never tried his shadows.

    • Lily

      Thanks Tracy. I also have Cocoa Mirage and that one is Ok. Not in awe either but it’s still nice. Jaded much you think? Haha

  • Cute look! I bought some cle de peau for my mom recently to treat her. Now Tom Ford seems relatively inexpensive, shockingly…

    • Lily

      Oh yes. CdP is ridiculous. Hehe

  • They look very cute on you! Love! I don’t do false lashes because (ahem) I’m quite scared of not putting them on properly and then they might fall off ;P

    • Lily

      And not to mention the fear of reacting badly to the glue! I hardly ever wear false lashes. So I’m still a newb. This is easy to apply though.

      • I never even went to far as to think of that!

  • ML Chan

    So pretty! I also like that the lashes do not look like teeny spiders trapped on your eyelids.

    • Lily

      Lol at the spider reference. I know exactly what you mean though 🙂

  • I remember you writing about the lashes shedding, are you still facing that issue with this pair? Their packaging is absolutely beautiful!

    • Lily

      Hi Hari, no there’s no shedding at all. I think I was a little too anal with cleaning the glue out of the lashes previously. That’s why the lashes fell off.

  • Hey Lily, I LOVE THIS LOOK!!! Indian Rose looks so much better on you than it does on me… I think I owned it at some point and sold it off almost right away. The TF shines though…. those I love. 😉

    • Lily

      Hey Linda, oh those TF Shines are amazing! If I were to pick one, it’s definitely Lust. Such a beautiful strawberry that I don’t have.

  • Lily

    Thank you!