Review: Benefit Do The Hoola

I never got into Benefit. I remember liking their mascara, and their box powders looked interesting, but the same powders put me off a little because of the boxes. I find them bulky and sometimes a little too cute. However, I’ve always been curious. You know how it goes… we’re always curious, we always want to try all the brands. It’s not just me right? I’m getting less curious now though I couldn’t resist it when I was offered to try something by Luxola. I’ve bought a few things from them before, like some of my Zoeva brushes and the Beautyblender and I like that they deliver fast. They ship from Singapore, and usually takes 2 to 3 working days to reach Malaysia. They recently started collaborating with Benefit, hence this post – to review a product sent by them and also to let you know that Benefit is now sold online, exclusively at Luxola. You know I’m always honest with you guys, so there really isn’t anything to hide. Anyway, I was sent this little box, Benefit Do The Hoola. It’s something I’d never pick for myself, so it’s interesting to try!



Benefit Do The Hoola in the box



How cute is this? I’ve read some pretty good things about Hoola, and I wanted to try but didn’t want to commit to buying a whole box. Such a coincidence that I was sent these. Haha! These are all minis in a box, great to see how you like the products before buying. Also, if you have too many in your stash, and can never use up any products, these are good too. You get the variety, but not the wastage. Win-win πŸ™‚



open box products



The box comes with a mirror and instructions on how to use these products. Very handy for a beginner, I think. Basically, you use the Dew The Hoola on your face as a bronzer primer. It is a soft matte liquid bronzer and I find this a little too warm even on my skin. It goes on a tad bit orange, so I had to be very careful with the application. Then, powder with the Hoola and I love this as a slight contour on my face. It is less warm and a little cool, and this shade is definitely great along the hollows of the cheekbones. I tried dusting this all over my face as well, and it’s good to note I didn’t look grey. This powder on top of the orangey liquid bronzer actually makes a very believable fake tan, would you believe! The mini brush is included,Β and other than maybe using it to contour the nose, I can’t see myself using it on my face. Who has the time?

After bronzing the face, swipe some tinted lip balm and top with another bronze lip gloss. The Benebalm is a sheer red on the lips and the Hoola Ultra Plush lip gloss makes the look tonal. Bronze again. Then, finish off with a few coats of They’re Real mascara and we’re done! The mascara wand is STILL as spiky as I remembered, and it still hurt when I accidentally poked my eye with it. The mascara also lengthens my lashes just as well as I remembered, so nothing’s changed πŸ˜‰

Here are the swatches






And how it looks on me






You can’t see that I am bronzed all over because I didn’t apply it that way. I just added some warmth along the edges of my face, and added some dimension by slightly contouring using Hoola. I prefer the more natural rather than the beach babe. Overall, I’ve grown to love the combination of both bronzers. I’m not a lip balm or lip gloss girl, but I do like how it looks on me. The red from the Benebalm still shows, and the bronzey lip gloss adds warmth to the whole look.

What have you tried from Benefit, and what’s your favourite Benefit product? Have you bought anything from Luxola before? They recently added Sephora brand, Make Up For Ever and Urban Decay to their ever expanding list of brands they carry and I’m looking forward to seeing more brands to come.



xoxo Lily


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  • I’m not a huge Benefit fan either…but I do like this bronzer I agree! It’s a solid product from them. I like their mascaras too, even though they’re a tad hard to get off, but they work well. Looks lovely on you! Great little set for sure!

    • Lily

      That bronzer is a surprise, Tracy! It works great as a contour, a very natural one. Given, I’m too lazy to do it every day, but now I understand why people love Hoola. If only the full sized packaging isn’t so bulky.

  • Jaa

    Hoola is one of my all-time favorite contouring powders! πŸ˜€ I’ve been curious about the Dew The Hoola so it’s nice to see the swatches here, thanks to you! It does look kind of orange-y just like you said but yeah, I still want it. I hope they will consider selling it individually! πŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Hi Jaa, I understand the cult following of Hoola now. If you like bronzers, Dew The Hoola actually warms up the powder and when worn together, it looks so natural. On its own, definitely orangey though.

  • Bella

    I had the Hoola bronzer and loved it, but liked Nars Laguna better and ended up giving Hoola away. Other than the cream eyeshadow in Skinny Jeans I haven’t had much further luck with the brand. I hate They’re Real mascara. They’re Painful and They Don’t Look Good.

    • Lily

      Lol that mascara does hurt! From all the reviews I’ve read, everybody mentions how spiky it is. Couldn’t they make the spikes softer, I wonder?