Empties for Q3 2015 & Decluttering

Posting empties is like a self justification that I use the excessive things I have. For me, it feels good to be able to use them but that’s mainly skincare. Makeup wise, I give those press samples to friends and family quite regularly so that my stash is manageable. However, my level of manageable is still too much for a person who does not blog. My friends and cousins who saw my stuff go wide eyed. Their first question is always “Why so much?” LOL. I would ask some of them the same question about their bags and shoes. While I do not feel bad of having this hobby, I do feel bad when I have to throw them away because they’ve gone bad. Also, there are some which I just don’t reach for. Many of my blogger friends are minimizing and decluttering, and I am motivated to do so myself. I won’t reduce too much at the moment, because I still can’t let go of some, but here are some things I’m happy to say goodbye to. Here are some that are too old, and some that are not good enough (not even good enough to give to someone else).



makeup toss



I was surprised the Bare Minerals eye shadow duo got really sticky, like the NARS packaging. I’ve had it for a few years, and made good dents in both these eye shadows, so I’m just too lazy to depot and rather say goodbye to them. The Guerlain liquid lipstick dried out after a few years, and the Makeup Revolution lipsticks suck out all moisture from my lips. No thank you. Trashed. The Dior nail polish in Saint Tropez dried up (half a bottle left) but I was gifted a full sized one, so I’m not too sad about this. I love this shade! The Chanel quad, and the Dior eye shadow pencil thingy are tosses. Not good enough. The Benefit shadow… too old.

Then, there are some that I actually used up. Mascaras are easy to use up, and so are liners. So, I’m happy to see a full sized liquid lipstick in here. It’s Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RS312.



makeup used



Of course, there’s skincare that gets used up regularly. . .



skincare full sized used



And some samples that are consumed as well. I’d like to point out this Philip B detangling toning mist. It smelled really bad and didn’t work that well. So, I’m glad this is a deluxe sample size that I bought, and not a full sized one. Other than the Estee Lauder ANR and the Diorsnow serum, I didn’t like any of these samples. Thank goodness there weren’t lots to use.



samples used



Have you been loving anything lately? Do you have anything you love so much you’ve used it up and repurchased? Or is there anything in your stash that you decided isn’t for you anymore?



xoxo Lily




  • Haha, I agree with you…people see our hobby and think it’s so excessive. But I don’t have any designer handbags or clothes, no really expensive car or SUV, a small house…so yeah. I give a lot of my stuff away too to friends and family, and donate as well. But, I blog about BEAUTY mainly. I kind of need stuff for that. So, I’m not going to go all crazy and get rid of everything I have.

    • Lily

      Hahaha! Of course, Tracy. I’m not going to get rid of everything, that’s for sure! I still have A LOT, but manageable, probably normal for a blogger. Heck, let me put my neck out and say that I might even have less than what beauty bloggers should. LOL! But yeah, those who have luxury bag addictions, hhmmm…. that’s a whole new ballgame.

  • another one joins the decluttering crowd! My mom’s reaction to my nail polish collection was the most horrified of anyone I know.

    • Lily

      Hahaha! I don’t have any problem in the nail department. I just went through my stuff again, and *gasp* I couldn’t let anything go anymore. Maybe I should meditate on it and see if anything will change. LOL!

  • I love de-cluttering too. I think I do that more than actually finish things. I actually don’t buy a lot of stuff, but I did and i feel like I have a lot of stuff from before that i love…know what I mean? haha šŸ˜›

    • Lily

      LOL I think I know. We kind of have the same problem. I think it’s because there are PR samples as well, and sometimes it gets overwhelming. My friends, family and even my mom’s friends love me though.

      • SO TRUE! I give it to my mom and she just loves it even though I know she’s just hoarding them!! haha

        • Lily

          Thing is, my mom actually uses the stuff. I gave her my Chanel cream blush a while ago, and she already hit pan on it. It’s ridiculously amazing. hahaha!

  • Jane

    I love the idea of de-cluttering, but knowing how radically my taste in makeup colors and finishes changes every 1-2 months, it is a bad idea for me. The things that I gave away, I then purchased again a year later šŸ™‚ My version of decluttering would be not buying any backups.

    • Lily

      I think I understand where you’re coming from. I tend to buy backups for skincare, because I know I’ll use it, but I also get sent stuff, so in the end, it’ll take me ages to use things up (even though I’ll still use them up eventually). So, for skincare, I haven’t been buying backups, until I’m at the very last bottle. Makeup wise, sigh…

  • Oh, the Biore Perfect Cleansing water… I have a backup to a backup!!! šŸ˜›

    • Lily

      I have that too! It’s not too bad, actually, but I’m glad you love it so much šŸ˜€

  • I’ve done a mayor declutter recently and throw away: stuff that have gone off and melted Nars eyeshadows uugghhh yuck!

    • Lily

      Eee I know what you mean. That bare minerals eye shadow duo became all gooey and sticky too. Must be the humidity!

      • I’m sure you and I are not the only two people on this planet that complain of melted eyeshadow, so I really don’t know why Nars and Bareminerals (both form the same company) don’t change them. Making its a marketing plot to make us chuck out stuff and buy more… Though in my case all the Nars packaging disappointments is making me not even consider Nars now!

  • Oh I’m sad to see that Chanel eyeshadow! Lol I understand though, some things after a few years, even if it’s not gone bad per say, I’ve completely lost interest and brings me no further joy, rather dread thinking I have to try to use it up, so now I just toss things like that.

    • Lily

      Oh don’t be sad about the Chanel eye shadow. It sucked really bad. No pigmentation and powdery. Worst purchase ever.

  • Bella

    Sometimes one has to be brave and toss. I have just done that to a couple of Guerlain and Dior bases that I bought on holiday once, and that just slightly missed my skin tone,
    Things I have used up and repurchased repeatedly: Chanel le Volume Mascara, Chanel Boy and Confident Rouge Coco Shines, Lancome Bifacil eye makeup remover. Many different products by La Mer, Sisley/Sisleya, Redken and Moroccanoil. Chanel and Dior base coat for nail polish. Prada Infusion d’ Iris and ‘l eau de Chloe perfumes. I’m sure there’s more, I am old LOL.

    • Lily

      You are right. One has to be brave, and ruthless! I have yet to try a Chanel mascara that I like, but I read that the latest release might be one for Asian lashes. AND, so far, I’m really liking Chanel’s holiday release. I must resist!

  • Great job on decluttering some unloved items, Lily! Yeah, I get annoyed by friends/ family members who act patronizing towards what is actually my hobby – I certainly don’t act judgmental just because someone likes high-heel shoes, or twenty purses. Actually, even though I love skincare and bodycare, my bathroom is way more organized and contained than those of some people I know šŸ™‚

    I think I have a very similar shade to your Shiseido lipstick but in their Lacquer Gloss formula – it’s very pretty!

    • Lily

      LOL yeah, 20 genuine leather purses, from LV, Prada, Gucci… that one or two bags already covers the cost of all my makeup. Hahaha! But they have their own justification for owning so many expensive bags. Just like how we have our own reasons. I mean, there isn’t right or wrong in having a hobby, so why do people judge? Weird…