On Rotation: Cheeks

There have been many days when I would sit there thinking what I would apply on my face. So, I’ve been pulling out some stuff and put them in my makeup bag so I’d just use them without thinking. Then every once in a while, I’d rotate them out for something else. For the past month or so, I’ve been using these cheek products.



blushes blushes open



The Lunasol cream blush (limited edition) is a nude that’s so neutral, it goes with everything. I’ve also been making a point to use my bronzer so here, you see Dior Aurora. It’s quite light, and on me, it’s more of a “blonzer” more than anything else. And of course, a coral blush to pick me up when I needed it. This Sculpting blush in Defining Nectars from Clinique is really pretty, and the different depth of shades in one pan simplify things.

I will be changing things up a bit once I get bored. So when I have new stuff on rotation, I’ll be sure to update. What’s in your makeup bag lately?



xoxo Lily