Picture Review: Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine

This is a picture review. Not so much a review, but more of swatches for you guys. I don’t think there will be another picture review any time soon… It did take more time than just blasting on the keyboard, writing a proper review. LOL! The Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine is available at all counters now for RM82.68 each. Weird number but I guess that’s the GST. It’ll be rounded up to RM83 I guess.


1 Intro 2 shu uemura 3 sheer shine 4 PK357 5 OR561 6 OR550 7 RD164 8 CR350 9 WN286 10 PK357 11 eew 12 love shu uemura rouge unlimited sheer shine swatches


Since I posted the review and swatches of the new Dior Addict lipsticks just recently, let me just do a few comparisons. The Diors are RM108 each while this is RM83. Both of them have the same comfortable slip but these Shu ones feel more slippery (without bleeding off the edges). The Addicts are more moisturizing while these Shus give out more pigment yet still looking effortless. I can’t choose. Both are GREAT! But if you like more fun and vibrant colors, then these are for you.



xoxo Lily



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  • LOL Lily! These are so CUTE hahaha! But they do look like a lot of work! I love Shu lipsticks-interesting that they’re cheaper than the Dior though! I wonder if they are here too.

    • Lily

      Thanks Tracy. I took these photos immediately after those Dior ones so it felt more tiring than usual. Heh! This is the first time I tried Shu lipsticks and I like them! These are fun youthful colors I think 🙂

  • Hahaha, you are the cutest 🙂 Love all the poses! I always do the same boring face… lol. I should really try a Shu Uemura lippie some time.

    • Lily

      Hey Melissa, maybe the Shu Uemura lippie will bring out some silly faces in you because they’re such fun colors. LOL!

  • I love the different poses and super cute story. I am super curious about these lipped but we don’t have this brand anywhere close so I might have to wait until I get to try. (LOL about the arm wearing lipsticks!)

    • Lily

      I’m glad you enjoy it Sara. I hope you get to try these because the colors, OMG! So much fun. And yeah, sometimes I just let my arm wear the lipsticks because I’m too lazy to take full faced shots, but honestly, I know you guys need to see how the lipsticks look on the lips!

  • my favourite is the orange FO SHO! This is why I never take photos of myself, I’d have the same resting bitch face in all of them LOL

    • Lily

      Hahaha Jen! I guess it helps I have daily training on how to make silly faces – it happens when you have 3 kids.

  • Hahahaa…. you should just make it a video and forget about photo editing!!! I LOVE THESE PHOTO REVIEWS!!! I actually prefer these over the Dior Addicts… the colors are so much more fun, and for some reason the Diors seem to dry out my lips. Weird i know.

    • Lily

      I’ve been trying to find a good video editor but it’s tough. I’ve also been doing some research on how to edit videos, and heck, it’s a whole new ball game. I wonder if there’s any ingredient in the Addicts that you might be sensitive to – hence it dries out your lips. That might be the culprit!

  • These are my other favorite lipsticks! We can’t get them very easily here, though, so occasionally I’ll order one online – but the selection we have is much more limited. They DO stain! I wore one this weekend while traveling and it took me forever to get it off without my usual arsenal of stuff, hahahaha.

    • Lily

      This brand is not available in my town either, so I don’t get to try many of their things. I also love their brow pencil though. Been using that the last 2 years. Oh yeah, they stain so much! But I guess I could go without reapplying after a meal. Hehe 🙂

  • Ha! So much fun to experience these photo reviews, but I feel you – I bet they take WAAAAAY more time than just typing! I love your faces, and the sexy/wanna fight one was my fave! Love that lighter orange shade so much on you!! And da pink, fo sho!

    • Lily

      Haha Thanks Kristen. It does take a lot of work, but it is fun as well! I’ve been looking at making videos as well, but man, the editing part turns my brain into knots. No idea how to do it.