Playing With The Idea of Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve been seeing the term Capsule Wardrobe thrown around quite a bit. Initially, I wasn’t curious enough to find out what it really is, but now that I know, I am tempted to try it. I am no longer working, and as a stay at home mom, I find that I’ve been reaching only for that few pieces. I have plenty of clothes, but I find that I want something that’s easy to wear, and one that would endure pulling and excessive tugging without plopping out one boob or just showing my entire bra to everyone (Ashton is strong!). So I’ve been reaching for that few t-shirts and jeans. And I look BORING!! I want something that meet the criteria mentioned just now yet still look fashionable (or at least presentable) and, I want to keep it minimal. There are plenty of clothes I don’t wear anymore, and it’s high time I got rid of them. Hence the idea of…



311015 capsule wardrobe



I landed on Un-Fancy one day, and she’s totally my style. I think Caroline is taking a blog break for a few months, but her content is still inspiring to read. The ever lovely Jen from Procrastinating Pretty also has her own capsule wardrobe, and her fancy video editing style makes her already chic wardrobe even more desirable. I mean, about 38 pieces of clothing + shoes for a few months look sustainable. It’s even easier for me because I live in the tropics. No weather change, so I don’t even need to change my capsule every 3 months. I’ve already been getting rid of clothes I don’t wear in batches, because it’s overwhelming to take ALL OF THEM OUT at the same time (which is required in this process). So, I figured, once I get my shite down to a more manageable level, I’ll start organizing my clothes, picking out clothes I love, like, can’t wear it now, wear it later, and just never wear. Something like that. I need to read my notes again.

If I decide to embark on this journey, would you want to be included in the process and updates? I don’t dare to throw in how I style because I’m just not that fashionable 😉


xoxo Lily



  • I like fashion!!! 😀 I would like to follow these updates! I can’t do the capsule thing at all, but I’m working on being more experimental and figuring out how to restyle pieces that I do have. But I also feel like I have this renewed interest in fashion lately, so I’ve bought a lot of clothes…especially transitioning from student –> not student, haha!

    • Lily

      I went from working full time in the corporate world (lots of suits and formal work wear) to being pregnant (got rid of all maternity dresses already) and now to a full time mom. After going through everything, I realize my closet doesn’t have enough clothes that suit my needs now, so I have to revamp the whole thing. I want to be diligent and plan thoroughly what I REALLY want (or rather, what I’d wear daily) so my closet won’t be filled with unnecessary clutter. Problem is, I need more time to focus and I get interrupted VERY frequently. LOL!

  • Lily

    LOL Melissa, I wouldn’t have seen the point when I was still working. I needed more variety. But now, I just don’t need or want that. What I mean is to be able to put together something quick and easy, without the hassle of having to think what to put on 🙂

  • Lily

    I have an idea what you like, from your Pinterest posts. I think we have similar taste!

    • Haha yeah we probably do!