Review: Clinique Sonic System for Cleansing and Sculpting

Sometimes I wonder when cleansing became a little more complicated. It used to involve just the cleanser and our hands. I remember my mom used to have a face cloth and sometimes she also used disposable sponges. Even until now, it has become a habit that she uses a cloth to clean her face. We however, have all these technology to help us. There’s the Clarisonic, and then the Foreo Luna thingy which I haven’t used before, and a while back, Clinique launched their Sonic System (RM368), which reminds me of a basic Clarisonic.

Basically, the brush head can be replaced, and there’s a button to turn on the device. With a brush head attached, and the device on, it is used to clean the face with a cleanser. You will feel that the brush vibrates, gently cleaning the face while we move it around our forehead, down the nose, chin and then our cheeks. One press of a button will allow you 30 seconds of cleansing. If you want more, just press it again.






For cleansing, I use the purifying cleansing brush (RM97) which has 2 parts. The white hair is softer while the green hair a little harsher, meant for T-zone. It removes impurities very well, and it’s supposed to be able to deep cleanse for clearer looking pores. The device is also waterproof, so it can be used in shower. The whole system comes with the cleansing brush, a charging base with USB plug, purifying cleansing brush head and a brush cover. If your skin is sensitive, then, I suggest doing it slowly, on alternate days first. I always use the brush head wet to avoid skin irritation. I also try to use heavier / thicker cleansers that lather well, so it acts as a slight barrier between the brush and my skin. I especially like the Clinique Foaming sonic facial soap 150ml which is created for sonic cleansing. It is frothy and the lather is very rich. It doesn’t dry out my skin at all, which is a bonus. I tried using it without the sonic brush, and the cleanser works just as well! By the way, if you’re too eager with cleaning the face with this brush, your skin might react by being red, or itchy, or some people flake and then others break out. So take it slow!






The brush head is meant to be replaced every 3 months if you use it regularly. I like that I don’t have to charge this device regularly. When it is fully charged, it can operate for up to 180 minutes without recharging, which means it is perfect for travel. There is also another brush head which is called the Sonic system massaging treatment applicator. It is all metal, and is supposed to help boost micro circulation to create a rosy glow. It is designed to be used together with Clinique’s Sculptwear skincare – the mask and the serum.






Clinique Sculptwear Lift and Contour serum for face and neck is fragrance free, does not feel slippery or full of silicones but is smooth and lightweight. I usually use 3 pumps of product for my face and neck, and the massaging treatment applicator to massage the product in. I find that if I use less product, the applicator drags my skin around, and I don’t like that. If I apply it using my hands, I only use 1 pump for my face, and another for my neck. The serum is supposed to give cheeks and jawline more definition, but I couldn’t see that. First of all, I have been losing weight, and my face is looking slimmer, hence, revealing more definition. Another thing is, I probably don’t have sagging skin to see any difference, and that’s a happy problem, eh?


The Clinique Sculptwear Contouring Massage Cream Mask is also fragrance free and is a very rich creamy mask. I thought it would be too creamy for me, hence greasy, but I was wrong. I apply it, leave it on for 10 minutes then tissue off. Any residue is supposed to be massaged into the skin, but I might have been too thorough in removing the mask because there wasn’t any residue. I tried the next few times, and the same thing happened. So, I just apply the serum and moisturizer after this mask. For maximum results, use 3 times a week.




Clinique Sculptwear



To be honest, I have passed the serum and mask to my mom who probably need it more than I do. It’s been a couple of weeks, and while she hasn’t seen any results (too soon, really!), she is loving the texture. She doesn’t like funky smell, so she loves that these products are scentless.

Do you use sculpting products? Do you use any device for cleansing?



xoxo Lily



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  • I’m waiting for these Clinique sculpting products to come here, especially the mask! It’s the new skincare buzz hey-SCULPTING. But, you have to be a certain age for that to work I think-for sure over 45 I say. That’s when things start to SAG hahaha. If they work, I’m all in. My jawline is starting to sag dude. So, I keep smiling like an idiot so nobody notices 😉

    • Lily

      Dude, I saw on Instagram you bought these! Would love to read what you think about them, to see if they work on you.

  • Hi Lily,
    one sculpting product I am using at the moment is the serum of Estee Lauder and let me tell you that it works! I really noticed slimming on my face but maybe I am imagining? I always wanted to try a brush system but yet a little unsure if it is good for my already dry skin. Sculpt wear skin care sounds amazing, I need to try them Right now I am testing the smart line of Clinique and I find it really really good! Like very good, never tried anything at that price range which worked that good before. Now thanks to you I have the sculpt range in my wishlist as well lol. Holidays are coming right? 😉

    • Lily

      Hey Sara, I tried the Estee Lauder one as well, and I’m glad it worked for you! I’ve been working out and losing weight, so my face naturally slimmed down a lot, and that’s probably the main reason I couldn’t tell if it’s the serum or if it’s me, you know? So, I decided not to write about it.

  • Since I still have a Clarisonic I’m hesitant about cashing out for another cleansing system, but I won’t lie, I’m definitely curious about this one.

    • Lily

      I have the Clarisonic Plus, and you definitely DON’T need more than one 🙂 I guess it’ll be good when your existing one dies in the future?

  • I was wondering the same thing the other day, how did cleansing get so complicated! Though no I don’t have a clarisonic, and even though I feel like an alien for not owning one, it seems the whole world has one, no I don’t want one. I’m pretty happy with my regime 🙂 Hmmm I’m not sure if I’m ready for sculpting products yet..

    • Lily

      I don’t think you need any sculpting products, Sofia. And all the new techy gadgets for beauty?? Marketing dude 🙂

  • ina

    Hi Lily i always want to get clarisonic but hesitate because of the price as i worry i will not make a good use of it. And when the clinique version comes i just wonder should i give a try the cheaper option. Aside from the price, which device will you choose? Thanks for advice

    • Lily

      Hi Ina, Clarisonic has different cleansers, and the one I have is Clarisonic Plus, which is for face and body. So, I can’t compare it. I believe this Clinique one would be similar to the Clarisonic Mia which is their more basic device (I haven’t tried it though, so I’m not 100% sure). Aesthetics and price aside, I think devices like this are all quite similar. It depends more on how you use it 🙂

      • ina

        Thank you Lily for the answer???