Review: Deciem Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age Advanced Serum

Before I start on the product, let me first tell you that you can purchase this product online, FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Why do I tell you that first? I know that I get disappointed when I read about good skincare, and then knowing that it’s difficult to purchase, or that I have to pay a hefty price just for shipping. You can now rest easy and read on, because you might just want to try this out. Oops, a very early spoiler hey?

I’ve been reading about Deciem Hylamide serums on many blogs and they have nothing but praises for them! I am skeptical, of course, and so when I was given the opportunity to try, I just had to know. I sound like a broken record but here’s a rundown on my skin condition. I am 37 years old and I have normal skin. I don’t have textural problems but I do have open pores around the sides of my nose and some on my chin. I have some pigmentation, but most of the freckles were zapped away using laser a few months ago. I have a pimple or two around the time of the month and that’s about it. I have some very fine lines around my eyes.



Hylamide SubQ Anti Aging Serum Hylamide SubQ Anti Age Advanced Serum



When I first read that I could SEE results in 10 days, I knew I just had to debunk it. Hahaha! Like my friend Tracy (who loves this stuff by the way), when I test new skincare, I leave out all my other serums and use just this. I’ve been using this every morning and night the past month and I’ve been happy. I did not see any difference after 10 days however… I did continue using it and I’ve already used up half the bottle. What I can tell you is that I SEE my face looking plumper. The surface of the skin looks smoother and it’s definitely well hydrated. This serum promises “multi depth hydration and visible reduction in lines and irregularities“.

If you’re interested in all the science behind this serum, you can head on to the official website (here) and feast your eyes! I don’t think there’s any way I can write it better. While hydration is well covered, what about the lines? First of all, I do not have much to get rid of. I’m blessed with younger looking skin (please don’t hate me). My neck though, is what I’d like to refer to as “chicken leg syndrome“. Have you seen chicken legs before? With lines and dimples? Yeah, my neck is fugly. I make it a point to bring ALL my skincare down to my neck, because my friends, your neck age as well. And no, I don’t believe in using special neck creams. So I was pleasantly surprised, no, actually, I was utterly shocked when my mom asked me if I used anything on my neck lately, because it looked less fugly! Well, she actually said my neck looked smoother, but same difference. When I got home, I stood in front of the mirror and examined my neck thoroughly. Geewhiz! Dimples, those pesky dots are actually less visible and the lines are not as deep as before. I WAS FLOORED! The only thing I did differently was using this serum so I’ve been a happy camper.



Hylamide SubQ Anti Aging Serum dropper Hylamide SubQ Anti Aging Serum texture



I use 5 drops morning and evening, and it’s like using water. There is a slight scent which reminded me of the smell of birds nest. It’s a Chinese delicacy, people would like to believe, but really, it’s just sparrow’s spit. So anyway, yeah, did this serum work? Shit yeah. Will I recommend it to anyone? What do you think? Nothing worked on my neck… not until this. Once I’m done with this serum, I think I want to try a brightening one. And also the SubQ Eyes.

Have you tried anything from Deciem before? Any recommendations?



xoxo Lily



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  • WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!! I’m so glad this worked for you! Makes me feel good LOL! Thanks for the mention too btw. I can’t live without this stuff I tell you…I have to have a back up bottle at all times otherwise I get nervous…true story. This has helped my neck too as I’m like you, I just bring down my skincare all the way. SHIT WORKS SON. I love everything they make and have yet to be disappointed.

    • Lily

      I still have some eye products to use up, but once I’m down to the last one, I’ll be ordering the SubQ Eye. Hope that works on me too!

      • The eye is ok, it’s not something I’ve reordered again. The dropper is a problem with it. I say skip it. Get something else like the Vitamin C serum or the Hyaluronic one.

        • Lily

          Oh thanks for the heads up. The vitamin C one sounds good.

  • Chikanoz Boy

    i m aiming to try something from this brand either their vit c serum or, subq eyes or this itself soon. still wanting to wait for my current serums to be finished before i purchase them. its good to read that this is a good serum and reading this,make me more eager to buy it. (biting nail)

    • Lily

      I’m also waiting to use up my eye products before buying the SubQ Eyes!!

  • YES this stuff is so good!!! Even for skin that isn’t (quite) ageing yet. I reviewed it on theNotice this morning, too! :p

    • Lily

      I just read your review. Wow, these stuff do work!

  • I love the science on their website, thats the kind of stuff I’m really good at writing in my real life job hehe! I’m going to have to try this too xx

    • Lily

      Gosh Sofia, I’ll leave it to experts like you to write it well. I didn’t want to look stupid, so a link to the site is best. HAHAHA! All that matters to me is that this stuff WORKS 🙂

  • Bella

    Never heard of it, but it sure sounds interesting!!

    • Lily

      It does doesn’t it? I haven’t heard of it until I read some friends’ reviews, and when I received an email to ask if I wanted to try, I said yes immediately! I’m glad I did because boy, this stuff is gold.

  • Heeeeeeey I’m super excited now – I just put in an order this week and I can’t wait! My skin has gone bonkers lately…I think because of the shifting weather.

    Like you, I always bring product down to my neck (and use whatever is left on my hands, too).

    • Lily

      I hope it works for you too! And yes, I use whatever is left on my hands as well!! Don’t waste good stuff, man.

  • now i need to order this!!

    • Lily

      If you do, I hope you’ll like it!