Review: Melvita Nectar Supreme Cream and The Eye & Lip Contour Cream

Melvita has created some new products recently, its first ever organic anti ageing products using two nectars prized by bees. We all know that honey is great, manuka honey is even better, but hey, Royal Jelly is the secret to the Queen bee’s longevity. It’s the first time I hear of Kniphofia Nectar, and it is a plant with exceptional revitalizing powers, apparently. Both of these are combined to form 2 Nectar Supreme skincare products – The Cream and The Eye & Lip Contour Cream. These are said┬áto deliver┬áradiance, skin density, firmness, even skin tone and hydration.


Melvita Nectar Supreme



Nectar Supreme Eye & Lip Contour Cream – 15ml RM225

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The lightweight cream is in very easily absorbed into the skin. It comes in a tube with a cooling metal massager. I like to squeeze out some products on my fingers, dab it around my eyes before massaging it in. I find the cool metal to be very soothing against my tired eyes and it reduces puffiness temporarily. My eyes are kept hydrated, but I don’t see any changes in my dark circles. To be fair, my dark circles are due to lack of sleep, so while I still can’t sleep well at night due to a fussy baby, I don’t think any cream will help too much. Furthermore, I don’t think this targets dark circles, so what am I talking about? LOL!



Melvita Nectar Supreme eye ingredients for eye


Nectar Supreme The Cream 50ml RM330

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The first thing I’d like to tell you about The Cream is the strong fragrance. It smells like I walked into an aromatherapy store that has too many different diffusers in the room. To me, it’s quite overpowering – not to the point where I wouldn’t use it, but do bear in mind I’m not too fussy when it comes to scent, unless it smells like rotten fish. You might like it, but I’d suggest you take a sniff first. The cream itself is just right for me. It seems rich, but it absorbs into skin effortlessly. I can even use it in the day without feeling greasy. At night, I’d need to use a little more because I sleep in an air conditioned room. For the past few weeks, this has kept my skin dewy. I don’t notice any particular firmness or evened out skin tone, but it delivers what I want from a moisturizer (to keep my face comfortable and moisturized).



Melvita Nectar Supreme creme ingredients for creme



Have you tried any of these? What moisturizer or eye cream are you using right now?



xoxo Lily


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