Can You Lend Me An Ear?

Or your eyes, since you’ll be reading? I feel like I need to talk / rant / ramble. If you’re up to incoherent thoughts, then sit back and humor me 🙂






Can I complain about some PR people first? If you blog, you might empathize. If you do not blog, then this might be an eye opener. When I agree to accept a product (review not guaranteed), I have all the creative control – which means, I write the review based on my personal opinions and PRs have no say on what to write. I do not send drafts before I post and I do not work well with deadlines. If you tell me that I need to put up a screenshot of your site’s homepage, I’ll tell you no. If you tell me that I MUST write a blog post AND another short one on your online store, I’ll say no (I’m lazy that way). If you tell me that I MUST tell my readers this and that while I never experienced it myself, I’ll tell you to buzz off. So what happened was, with 2 different companies now, AFTER I agreed to accept the products, they send me an email with a bunch of “REQUIREMENTS”.

Can you even comprehend how I feel? I agreed to accept the products and possibly to review them if they’re good, and after we say OK, you tell me I have to do 10 other things? I never agreed to this. I hope these people didn’t think I was desperate for the products, because dude, I can live without any of them and I still have too big a stash to handle. Not to mention all the work I have to do just for a blog post. And the NERVE of them to ask me to give them my UNEDITED photos. How generous do you think I am? I replied that with a price for them to pay. Basically, if you really like my photo, pay me USD500 PER photo. LOL! It was really a polite “fuck off” but hey, if they agree to pay, then why stop them? I have no ads on my site, I don’t get paid anything, so time to make some $, right?

So anyway, this latest case, I had to reply the email immediately to tell them NOT to send me anything until we agree with ALL the requirements first. And knowing myself, I’ll only agree to terms given by me. If not, they can just shove it. Seriously though, I wonder how many bloggers agree to these ridiculous demands? Are these so called marketing people still so fresh that they do not know how to work with us? Have they been working with a bunch of door mats that they think this is OK?

RANT over.

On a happier note…

In exactly 2 weeks, Ashton turns ONE! I am absolutely obsessed with this little man. I am also shamelessly biased – he’s just so cute even when he’s making that face when he poops, or when he pretends to cry, or when he stands with his hands up wanting me to carry him. This is him trying to look cute.






It’s been tiring, he’s very demanding, and I’m actually exhausted. But you know what? 1 year literally flew past, and I know I’ll be getting more sleep soon. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy his chubbiness and helplessness because when he starts to exert more of his independence, my little man won’t be so little anymore. Just like the girls. They are now so big, I can have a proper discussion with them! This mom is beaming with pride, and I couldn’t be more blessed, even when the girls do drive me crazy.

That’s my random blahs of the day. It’s a nice break from makeup and skincare 🙂 While life is not the perfect package, it’s THE perfect package of good and bad, ups and downs, just for me and for that, I am thankful.

What are you thankful for?


xoxo Lily