Dior State Of Gold Holiday 2015 Collection – Lips

I have a bunch of stuff from Dior’s Holiday collection to show you. I have mixed feelings about this collection, but first, let me show you the Diorific Mat lipsticks and the Dior Addict gloss that I have.



Dior Holiday 2015 lips



If you’ve been following Dior for a while, you’re not new to this lipstick packaging. I likened it to gold dumbbells before, and I still think the same. These are matte lipsticks which I find are opaque and bright. They go on creamy without tugging the lips and last for at least 4 hours on me, before I started munching or snacking on something and wiped my mouth clean 🙂 I have Magique and Fantastique. Magique is a bright coral, borderline neon on me, while Fantastique is a deeper fuchsia with slight purple tint. Fantastique applies like a dream, but Magique goes on patchy. It takes quite a bit of effort to make it look smooth on my lips, and I wonder if it’s due to the super bright pigment.



Diorific Mat 2015



Dior Addict glosses are one of my favourites, because they are not sticky and they feel comfortable on my lips. I have Sparkle, which is a translucent pinky beige with fine gold sparkles. It is beautiful when worn on top of another lip color but on its own, it’s just a layer of top coat to your natural lips.



Dior gloss 322 Sparkle lip swatches



The photos here don’t show the brightness of Magique, so take the base color and add neon to it. LOL! Here are how the Diorific Mat lipsticks look on me.



magique fantastique



Dior’s Holiday collection is already available at counters nationwide. Have you had a look at these? Did anything catch your eye? I’ll be showing you the rest of the products soon, so bear with me!



xoxo Lily



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  • I like the lips from this collection. I think Dior does lips well!

    • Lily

      And that, Dior does. Love Dior lippies! From this collection, I also love the blush. I’ve been wearing it every time I put on makeup. LOVE!

  • I kinda dismissed the Dior collection this time. It’s very nice but comes just a little short for me to pull our my wallet. Having said all that, I do think those lipsticks look lovely! I especially adore Magique on you.

    • Lily

      Thanks Lena. They do look quite similar the past few years. Sigh… I would’ve loved it if they did something totally different!

  • ML Chan

    Magique looks really good on you!

    • Lily

      Thank you! But it just looks a little too neon IRL for my liking.

  • Liz

    Both lipsticks look gorgeous on you! And look at your pics – everything looks so shiny and beautiful. *__*

    • Lily

      Haha thanks. I wanted to do a black background, but I thought this brighter version looked better 🙂

  • That fuchsia is GORGEOUS. But like Lena said, it’s all nice but nothing really super unique…although of course I always like the glosses T_T

    • Lily

      AND it’s the glosses I hardly ever use. LOL!

  • Hi Lily! I missed those gorgeous smiles of yours! Tbh I haven’t checked out this collection at all, because it all looks so similar… But your pictures make a very compelling argument though!

    • Lily

      HAHA your photos too. That shows how powerful good photos are, don’t you think?