On Rotation: Eye Brushes

I like to rotate my brushes so that I make use of all of them. Or rather, so that all of them feel loved once in a while. I’ve been partial to cream shadows lately, and that’s why I’ve been using synthetic brushes more often. When I get lazy, I’d use my finger to pat on the eye shadow, and use my MAC 217 to blend out the edges. It’s easy and effective. When I have more time, I always use brushes just because it’s less messy, and the finish is cleaner as well.



cream eye brushes



Zoeva 223 Petit Eye Blender brush is great for someone with smaller eyes, like me. It’s great for hooded eyes as well, as it offers more precision. I like to use this for darker colors on the outer edges of my eyes. It darkens the outer corner nicely, while adding a more defined shape to the eyes. Something too big or fluffy does nothing for me. It just blends the eye shadows a little too much and I’d get shadows where I don’t want.

Zoeva 233 Cream Shader brush is awesome with Chanel cream shadows. I find that if I use my fingers to apply, I only get a sheer wash of color. With this flat paddle brush however, the pigment is intensified, and I get a beautiful punch of color true to pan. I only use this when I want the colors to be more opaque.

I usually reserve the Zoeva 226 Smudger brush for my lower lash lines only. I use it to smudge out pencil / kohl liners and it works well with both cream and powder. I can smudge out liners without looking too punk rock because I can keep it tight against the lash line. If I want something more grunge, then I use the 223 Petit Eye Blender, which will disperse the colors more.

The MAC 217 blending brush has been in my stash for as long as I can remember. I think this one here is 8 years old. I do have travel sized Sigma brushes which look and work pretty much the same (got them as GWP) – and I use them just as much as I do this. I always have 3 on my vanity, because for blending out edges, I always use CLEAN brushes. I find that when I use dirty ones, the color turns out muddy.






There you go. All these brushes are soft and gentle on my eyes, and these Zoeva synthetic ones are worth every penny. I’m very happy with my purchase. I’m not sure how the MAC 217 brushes are now, because I’ve read that they are now really scratchy. If you bought one recently, I’d love to know if it’s true.

Even when I rotate these brushes out, I pretty much stick to the shapes of these brushes. They work best for my eye shape, and I can create anything I want with them. Do you use eye brushes? What’s your favourite?



xoxo Lily