On Rotation: Eye Liners

These days, I usually use pencil liners and liquid liners. I threw out all my gel liners a while ago because they were getting old and I didn’t buy any to replace them. I still have loads of pencils, and I still have 2 liquid liners (they DO dry out, so I’m not hoarding) so I’m not going to buy a gel liner until I have used up my liquid liners. I already know I’m going to buy a Bobbi Brown gel liner, because in my books, they are THE BEST.

I am using one liquid liner exclusively (Eyeko), until it’s dried out before I move on to my Bobbi Brown liquid liner, which is the last one I have in my stash. For pencils, I’ve been loving non blacks for a softer look. I have an olive and a blue, which go well with my dark brown eyes. I usually use neutrals / browns as eye shadows, and using blue / olive liners enhances the look.






Urban Decay pencil liners are one of my favourites and I have quite a few of them. I’m currently loving Stash and I don’t have much left of it. Bobbi Brown Precision Gel Liner in Sapphire is a beautiful dark blue which stays on my WATERLINE! I bought this last year but didn’t have a chance to blog about it. I also like that it twists up and that I have the option to sharpen it if I wanted to. The Eyeko liquid liner I have is in Ebony, which is not jet black, but more of a dark sepia. It’s not as stark as a black, and the fine pen tip gives a mean sharp cat eye flick.






These are a few on my vanity, on heavy rotation. On most days, I’d just skip eye shadow and go with a liner. I also sometimes skip mascara because I’m lazy like that. I bought the Urban Decay Stash from Sephora, the Bobbi Brown liner from Bobbi Brown of course, and Eyeko, from Beauty Bay. It’s also available at Sephora locally. What eye liners have you been using lately?



xoxo Lily




  • Lilian

    Nice post! Are there any other liners other than the BB you recommend for the waterline? Thanks!

    • Lily

      Hi Lilian, I remember liking MAC Powerpoint liners at one time. It stayed on my waterline for a few hours 🙂

  • I love the UD liners as well and like you I’ll use liner and skip shadow. Not mascara though haha I need that stuff to look awake!

    • Lily

      You rock all mascaras, Tracy. I’d love some longer lashes!

  • I agree the best gel liners are Bobbi Brown. I love them, BUT: the MUST wash the eyeliner brush afterwards part makes me too lazy to use them often. And especially not for travel. But yay i’m glad you’re using your other liners and having fun with the colours too. You’ve reminded me I can’t find my blue eyeliner… I too sometimes skip the eyeshadow, but not mascara! xx

    • Lily

      Hahaha! I see your point. I don’t mind washing brushes, so I like gels 🙂 I think this Eyeko one is getting a little dry… so once I use up the other liquid liner I have, I’ll be getting myself a gel!

  • I’m hopeless when it comes to getting rid of those eye liners! I recently just junked a few because they were drying out (kohl and gel ones!). The reality is I’m finding myself wearing less liners these days, and just goin with dark shadows. And when I do wear liners, it’s usually my trusty By Terry.

    • Lily

      Hey Linda, I haven’t tried By Terry liners before. I have too many at the moment to warrant a purchase, but talking about the brand, their Ombre Blackstar didn’t manage to impress me!
      Wish I could go without a liner and to be honest, my eyes definitely look much more defined with some sort of lining action.