Sunday Stash Shopping #58: Dior Eternal Gold & Rose Sublime

I was planning a review on this eye palette and blush, but since it’s a Sunday, I’ll just create a look (and a few lip variations) with these. I’ll also let you know what I think of them, of course. Eternal Gold is a 5-color limited edition eye palette, part of the Holiday 2015 collection. There is another one, with is Blazing Gold, which I find is so much better! Eternal Gold, which is the palette below, is cooler toned, and I find the texture quite dry. The glittery black shade especially is difficult to work with, and the glitter doesn’t adhere properly, hence fall out galore. The top of my cheeks collected those glitters that dropped and it’s not a good sight. I went to the Dior counter to take a photo of Blazing Gold for you, and it’s buttery, creamy, smooth, pigmented and gorgeous. I wonder how Dior could make these 2 palettes so different. LOL! I also included the photo of Blazing Gold (taken using my phone camera) and the gold cream shadow 631 Blazing which is also amazing!



Eternal Gold eye palette Blazing Gold



The blush however, is gorgeous. Rose Sublime is THE perfect color for your red / pink / berry / purple lip colors. If you have lots of these lip colors, I’d recommend getting this blush because it complements them perfectly. Diorblush is one of my favorite formula, and this is no different. It’s very pigmented, with very subtle shimmer so I recommend a very light hand. On the cheeks, the fine shimmers translate to a beautiful glow, replacing any highlighters I might want to use.



Diorblush 866 Rose Sublime



Below is the swatch – on the very left is the blush, and then Eternal Gold eye palette, swatched clockwise from top left, ending with the shade in the center. In the other photo below are the swatches of the cream shadow Blazing, and the eye palette Blazing Gold.



swatch Blazing Gold swatch



Here is a look in context and on my lips, I’m wearing Fantastique, a matte lip color in this Holiday collection. I also wanted to show you how Rouge Dior 5th Avenue looks on me, so the second photo is it. It’s a deep warm red which is great for a night out. I was heading out immediately after this, and I opted for a sheerer purple, which is the Shu Uemura Sheer Shine S WN286.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, I pretty much layered  the eye colors together to come up with this shade.



look1 5th Avenue look Shu Uemura S WN286



I thought Dior’s Holiday Collection for the past couple of years have been looking very similar. I would like to see something more risqué, sexier, and less safe, and perhaps just move out of the whole gold theme. Dior, I love you, but if you’re already working on next year’s Holiday theme, I hope you hear us (I’m sure I’m not the only one). Did you pick up anything from this collection? Did anything catch your eye?



xoxo Lily



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  • Hi Lily,
    you are not the only one and yes Eternal Gold s really not all that nice to work with. I ordered Blazing Gold, hoping it is better. Blush is to die for. This year’s highlighters are also not bad. And you know, I was wearing Fantastique today! I love the matte Diorifics, went crazy a little and purchased 4 of them. I don’t regret since I reach for them very often. They last so long on me and the shades are so pretty. It looks so pretty on you too!

    • Lily

      Good to know Sara. And I’m sure you look great in all those Diorifics!

  • I think the looks you created here are gorgeous. Can’t really go wrong with deep shimmery grey + berry lips!
    I haven’t bought anything Dior for a while now. I used to be mad about them and always chose Dior over Chanel. The issue I have with Dior is more about the formula than the colours. The eyeshadow formula especially is not as good as before. I wonder whatever happened to it!

    • Lily

      I feel you, Lena. I read some comments from other sites about the Peter Philips effect, but of course, there are some who defend him. All I know is, when he was at Chanel, I didn’t look at the brand twice (but now I LOVE) and now that he’s at Dior, the makeup line seems to be heading downhill too. Coincidence?

  • The dark red berry lipstick looks beautiful on you. I really LOVE the look.All of them!

    • Lily

      Aww, thanks Jen. You say the nicest thing!

  • Jaa

    Love all the looks with different lip colors! I’m so going to swatch the Rose Sublime when I’m at a Dior counter later this week! I didn’t pay much attention to the collection before but now I really want to see this one in person! Thanks to you. ;D

    • Lily

      Oh Jaa, unless you already have a dupe, this is a beautiful blush to go with your cooler toned lipsticks. I tried pairing it with all the pinks, reds, berries and purples I have and OMG, perfection!

  • Versatile eye look, you sure have proven that! I like all the looks, Lily.

    • Lily

      Thanks Melissa 🙂

  • Funny I haven’t read many positive reviews about this years holiday palettes in general from any brand – not the colours, but the overall quality. Anyway, I love the look you’ve done on yourself with it! And the colour of that blush looks lovely. xx

    • Lily

      Thanks Sofia. Yeah, Holiday collections this year are kinda ‘meh’…