Last Empties Post for 2015 and Update

Last one, for 2015.

I think I did well this year, in terms of reducing the products in my skincare cupboard. I didn’t buy anything new unless it’s staple, I didn’t buy backups, only replacements, and I use up more makeup than I ever have. I declutter by giving – friends, family, donation – and by no means I’m in for that minimalist lifestyle. I don’t think I ever can. I love having more, but I also love being in control. My stash has never been crazy, but it’s more psychological than anything else. I think it boils down to the fact that I want to be able to appreciate what I already have and that doesn’t mean I don’t want new shiny things. I accept that. I might want only 5 lipsticks instead of 20 tomorrow, but hey, that my friends, is my fickleness coming in strong. LOL!

Moving on…

Here are the things I used up in November and as you can see, mainly full sized skincare (save a bottle of dry shampoo).



empties 1



Then recently, here are the things that were emptied.



empties 2



One whole bottle of base. I’m proud of that. I think this is the 3rd bottle of base product I ever emptied in my lifetime. Haha! Pencil liners get used up quite frequently, and I already bought another one of Clinique’s browscara. I really like it. I bought the darkest shade which is Black/Brown, which I think is a great match for my dark brown hair. I think we can all see clearly what products are used up here, and most of them were reviewed, but if you want to know more about any of them, just let me know in the comments.

I unintentionally took a week off (soooo busy and got sick for a bit) and things are still uncertain for the following week. Ashlyn is starting primary school next week (she’s all jitters!), Ashton is walking FAST so I’m forever by his side – accident prone, and Chloe is thankfully, very helpful. Ashton broke my phone (a 3-year-old Samsung Note 3) by swiping it off the table. His little but strong arms just whoosh and the phone went thud, splat. The screen went black, it gasped for air a little (vibrated) and then… kaput. Beyond repair. I just went “)(@*#&*%)(*@&$!!!! I was so upset. In less than 2 hours, my husband surprised me with a brand new phone!! It was so unexpected and I was so touched that I cried. I wonder if it was hormones, but the last I checked I’m not pregnant anymore, even though I still sport a 4 month old belly.

But yeah, that’s a little update on what’s been happening here.

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope to put up one last post before 2016! Wherever you are, have a great day and much love <3



xoxo Lily