Review: A Couple of SPF50+ from Chanel and Bioderma

You should know by now that I never fail to apply and even re-apply sunscreen. I go through bottles of them, and because of that, I get to try many different ones. Lately, thanks to COSME-DE.COM, I got to try the Chanel Complete Daily UV Protection (Anti Pollution) SPF50 PA+++ and Bioderma Milk for Children Very High Protection SPF50+.



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UV rays are responsible for hyperpigmentation and photoaging. That is a sure thing. I remember my University days in Australia, where I’d go in the sun during winter – WITHOUT SUNSCREEN – and voila, after a few years, I developed freckles. I never had a single spot before I went abroad to further my studies. Back home, because it was so hot, I’d put on sunscreen and avoid the sun. What the heck was I thinking back then? I obviously wasn’t thinking at all. After learning my lesson, I never miss the last step of my morning skincare routine – which is to apply adequate amount of sunscreen. In this tropical weather, it is quite necessary for my sunscreen to be relatively weightless. That is why I love Japanese sunscreens so much.

This one from Chanel is also very lightweight. It’s rather fluid, and the texture reminds me very much of my beloved Shiseido sunscreen.  However, Chanel UV Essentiel also promises protection from free radicals and urban pollution damage, which I think are a bonus (fingers crossed it really works because I can’t tell). This sunscreen protects from the inside out, and while I don’t believe in their claim to act on both stem cell and DNA (seriously though, can brands just stop manipulating those words?), I do hope that the sunscreen acts as a barrier to all the pollution we face every day. The scent is quite strong, so if you have a sensitive nose, it might be too much for you. It lingers for quite a while before it dissipates. Oh, did I mention the Chanel UV Essentiel is sweat resistant and also moisturizing on the skin? So far, I really like it, despite the strong scent.




Chanel Bioderma sunscreen swatch
The Bioderma sunscreen for kids is something I wanted to try for a while. It is fragrance free, paraben free, and withstands repeated bathing. I use it on the kids before their swimming lesson, and I know they are well protected because after their session, they didn’t tan. I also like the blue texture because I can see where I’ve applied and where I haven’t. As you can see, the texture is more milky, but the kids don’t mind it. They jump in the water after 15 minutes of applying the sunscreen and they reported that they didn’t feel all slippery (thumbs up for that). Ashlyn has sensitive skin and this sunscreen didn’t cause any allergies. Her skin didn’t itch and there were no spots. Other than being water resistant and safe for sensitive skin, this Bioderma sunscreen is also photostable and free from Octocrylene. Chloe on the other hand is very sensitive to smell, so this being fragrance free suits her best.

Below are the ingredients for those of you interested (Chanel, then Bioderma):



Chanel ingredients Bioderma ingredients



What sunscreens are you using now? Do you have any good ones to recommend to me? I love trying out new sunscreens!

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