Short and Sweet Tag

I read this on Melissa’s blog and I thought it’s fun to do it as well! Basically it’s a complete the sentence kinda thing, but we gotta keep it short and sweet. It’s gonna be a challenge, because I’m known to go on and on and on, but here goes!






So Stupid… I was looking for my glasses because I misplaced it. Been doing that a lot lately

Even more stupid... I found it, on my head.

Best day ever… don’t believe in just one best day. I want many great days!

On replay… Baby songs. Man, I miss my own music

Totally loving… Coke Light

Never would have thought… The baby actually slept through the whole of last night. First time ever!

Really enjoying… Baking. My time out from the kids

Terrified of... lizards.

Hate… nosy people.

Love the weather when... it’s cool and clear.

Best age... No best age dude. Special things happen every year!

Regretting… Eating that ramen

No time for… petty things!

Always hungry for... carbs. I’m a carb addict

Always ready to travel to... Australia. My second home.

So disgusting… Saw a bird eat the insides of a road kill. Aaaaaahhhh!!!

Pushing myself... through every HIIT session – make the most out of 30 mins

Really want to... lose that effing belly. Grrrr!

Kind of missing... those carefree days sans kids

Dancing to… London bridge is falling down (yes, story of my life)


I hope you guys can do this! First answer that comes to your head – more fun, more real. You can blog it, or you can do it in the comments below. Happy Tuesday!



xoxo Lily