Dior Glowing Gardens Spring 2016 Collection: Swatches

Dior comes up with the prettiest Spring collections. I usually do not like Spring colors because when it comes to makeup, I stay away from pastels, pinks and candy colors. This is Spring, and of course, we’ll see pinks again this year. However, I like how the pinks are geared towards rosy tones that have tints of beige. Definitely more wearable on warmer skin tones. We also see another variation of Dior Lip Glow (my absolute favorite and I’ve devoured many of them!), this time, with a tint of lilac.

In this post, I won’t talk so much about each product in detail, because I plan to post all the swatches here. I will do a few separate posts on how I use each product, and I will talk about how they perform then. So for now, just admire the pretties, and the swatches!



Dior Spring Collection 2016

lipsticks lip glow lilac lip colors

L – R: Lip Glow in Lilac, Rouge Dior Baume in 540 Passiflore, Rouge Dior in 667 Rouge Pimpant, Rouge Dior Billant in 668 Brise Bise



eye palette eye palette swatch

5 Couleurs Glowing Gardens Eyeshadow Palette in 451 Rose Gardens



eyes eye products

L – R: Diorshow Colour & Contour Eyeshadow and liner duo in 157 Iris, Diorshow Pro Liner in 072 Pro Taupe, Diorshow Fusion Mono in 841 Rosee



highlighter blush highlighter blush swatch

L – R: Diorskin Nude Air Glowing Gardens 002 Glowing Nude blended, unblended, Diorblush Glowing Gardens 442 Blooming Peach blended, unblended



OK these are all I have. As mentioned earlier, I will be putting up separate posts on how I use them, and more details on how they perform. Stay tuned for them!


Edit – links for the FOTDs

ITlash mascara and Rouge Dior Brillant in 668 Brise Bise <here>

Cream shadow 841 Rosée, shadow liner duo 157 Iris, Proliner 072 Pro Taupe, Lip Glow Lilac <here>

Diorblush 442 Blooming Peach and Rouge Dior Baume in 540 Passiflore <here>


I hope these swatches helped in case you want to get them in a hurry. Personally, I would want to take a better look at the shadow liner duo because OMG they DO NOT BUDGE. I want to have a look at other shades when my local Dior counter has all the testers out.

Until then!



xoxo Lily



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  • Thanks for these swatches Lily!! I was planning on skipping this collection but then those shadow liner duos look really interesting! And the peach blush!!!

    • Lily

      The blush is gorgeous! It’s such a natural color on our skin – it’s nude but healthy and warm, and glowy at the same time. I’m hoping to be able to swatch the rest of the shadow liner duos soon!

  • I’m loving these photos with all the flowers! So pretty and delicious. I haven’t bought any Dior recently, maybe time to go have a look…

    • Lily

      The price of luxury brands have been increasing lately. It’s getting a more difficult to splurge these days 🙁

  • I hope I can get my hands on Blooming Peach. It’s so gorgeous! I like it better than Floral Pink. 🙂

    • Lily

      If you have warmer skin tone, Blooming Peach is definitely very flattering!

  • BooBooNinja

    After falling for the Coral Lip Glow, I am seriously tempted by the Lilac. Hopefully I can cash in some store loyalty points for it.

    • Lily

      Ah yes, I loved the Coral Lip Glow. I wish they’d make it permanent. I heard from someone that you can still get the Coral one in the States but here in my country, we only have the original pink one.