FOTD with some Dior Spring products

Let’s just jump right into it, shall we? The first look is a very natural barely there makeup look. I really dislike pinks on my eyes, but this cream shadow in 841 Rosée is described as a tea rose. It is undoubtedly pink, but warmer with a tinge of beige. It’s also quite sheer, which makes it all the more wearable. There are quite a lot of tiny shimmers in this shadow, so if you don’t like glitters on your eyes, then you’ll want to skip this. Dior cream shadows last on my unprimed lids about 4 hours before they start fading, and with this lighter shade that’s closer to my skintone, it’s definitely more forgiving.

I paired this shadow with the pro liner in 072 Pro Taupe. It glides on very easily, and the slanted tip of the liner (which reminds me of a brow pencil) makes it so much easier to create a slight wing. I used this on my upper and lower lash lines. This shade is perfect to add some shadow / dimension to the eyes without looking like you actually have liner on. It’s very subtle and I’ve grown to really like this liner. It is waterproof and it does not smear or budge. I need to use oil based remover to get this off. Micellar water did not do the job properly.

Then I finished the look with Lip Glow in Lilac. It doesn’t tint very much, and I find that Lilac evens out my lips more effortlessly than the original one (which makes my lips quite red). The Lip Glow liner doesn’t add much color to the lips, other than providing a tacky base for the lipstick / gloss. However, it does leave a tingling sensation to my lips, and any lip products that are applied on top do look much better – less lines, much smoother.

Here’s the look.



look1 look2



Here is another one, just to put it in here, easy eyes using the shadow liner duo in 157 Iris. I used the shadow all over my mobile lids, and the liner smudged into it, giving it a bluish purple finish. It is again, quite shimmery, so I made sure I didn’t apply the shadow too high up my eyes. I find that the shadow doesn’t apply too evenly, and I think it’s very likely due to the uneven disbursement of the glitters. I would have liked it better if it was a metallic finish rather than a glittery one. I have yet to swatch the rest of the colors, but I have my eye on the brown one. We’ll see.



shadow liner duo lilac



Back to the first look.

It was a very hot day, so I skipped blush. In photos, Rosée doesn’t look very shimmery, but in real life, the glitters are more obvious. Because of that, I am careful to apply it closer to my lash lines, and only on my mobile lid. For the base, I used Dior BB Cream and set it with the powder from the Holiday collection – Diorific State of Gold Illuminating Pressed Powder in 002 Sumptuous Pink. The powder is not very finely milled, but the effect is surprisingly like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. It gives a glow to the skin, with little to no coverage. If only the texture could be improved.

Here are the products all in one photo. If you have any questions about the products used, please let me know!






Cheers, Lily