Happy New Year 2016!

This is it, guys. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!!! If you haven’t entered my surprise giveaway, go to yesterday’s post and enter now!

I want to share with you my new year’s resolution because that makes me more committed somehow. Putting it out there, I think I am more accountable and so might be more focused? LOL! Question mark there. I’m not even sure if it’ll work but here goes.



010116 happy new year



  1. Be more conscious. More conscious with the words I use when I speak, with my actions and with the stuff I put in my body.
  2. Remember the consequences. Consequences from all my actions. I will hurt people unintentionally if I wasn’t sensitive enough, I will stay fat if I didn’t exercise, I will limp if I didn’t take care of my knees and back.
  3. No junk. Quality over quantity – applicable in so many things in life.
  4. Be kind. Be tolerant. For starters, don’t cuss at idiot drivers.
  5. Be happy. No one else can do it for me.


These few things above might sound like common sense, but I find that in the heat of the moment, I tend to forget. When I’m angry, I say crazy things. When I’m sad, I think stupid things. When I’m hungry, I eat anything. Hahaha! So now, I just have to stay calm, take a step back and REMEMBER all these things.

I hope 2016 will bring you all the kindness and happiness you deserve. We all have different goals in life, for some, it’s as simple and hard as staying alive or being present. I sincerely hope we can all get along and end unnecessary sadness. Here’s to a peaceful and harmonious 2016 where everybody can get along despite differences because that’s what makes us more beautiful.