Happy New Year 2016!

This is it, guys. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!!! If you haven’t entered my surprise giveaway, go to yesterday’s post and enter now!

I want to share with you my new year’s resolution because that makes me more committed somehow. Putting it out there, I think I am more accountable and so might be more focused? LOL! Question mark there. I’m not even sure if it’ll work but here goes.



010116 happy new year



  1. Be more conscious. More conscious with the words I use when I speak, with my actions and with the stuff I put in my body.
  2. Remember the consequences. Consequences from all my actions. I will hurt people unintentionally if I wasn’t sensitive enough, I will stay fat if I didn’t exercise, I will limp if I didn’t take care of my knees and back.
  3. No junk. Quality over quantity – applicable in so many things in life.
  4. Be kind. Be tolerant. For starters, don’t cuss at idiot drivers.
  5. Be happy. No one else can do it for me.


These few things above might sound like common sense, but I find that in the heat of the moment, I tend to forget. When I’m angry, I say crazy things. When I’m sad, I think stupid things. When I’m hungry, I eat anything. Hahaha! So now, I just have to stay calm, take a step back and REMEMBER all these things.

I hope 2016 will bring you all the kindness and happiness you deserve. We all have different goals in life, for some, it’s as simple and hard as staying alive or being present. I sincerely hope we can all get along and end unnecessary sadness. Here’s to a peaceful and harmonious 2016 where everybody can get along despite differences because that’s what makes us more beautiful.







  • Happy New Year Lily! Love your goals! I’m the same-I tend to say crazy things when I’m angry. I’m going to try and not get so easily annoyed for the next year. Life is too short to worry about silly things!

    • Lily

      I just cussed at a stupid driver today though. Oops… I really have to stop that. I mean, if he didn’t hear me then it doesn’t count right? HAHAHAHAHA!

  • Bellyhead

    Happy New Year! 🙂

    • Lily

      And to you too Belly. I just came from your blog 😀

  • I think I want to copy all of your goals and use ’em for myself as well! Happy New Year, Lily!

    • Lily

      You’re more than welcome to, Melissa! Happy new year to you too. Your chocolate posts are KILLING ME! I love them but I can’t eat them. They make me grow sideways. HAHAHA!

  • I love your new year resolutions, all of them. Cheers to a great new year xxx

    • Lily

      And I just replied your previous comment. HAHAHA! Here’s to a beautiful 2016 🙂

  • Jane

    Happy New Yer, Lily! I also find your resolutions personally relevant, I think many women would love to be less emotional sometimes. I am very rational, but I often regret following my impulses. Avoiding junk food is easier when I stay home -I have full control over the food purchased. I always need some healthy snacks, in case I am starving and have no energy for cooking 🙂 With children it may be more difficult to avoid sweets, I gues they need more quick calories, but maybe some healthier ones that you can have without regrets. I am soon moving to the US and will be staying home for at least a while and hopefully later with children, so I liked your previous post. As much as I care about my career, there are things in life that are also important. I am curious how difficult it will be to get back to work one day, but I will think about it when the time comes. I believe it is always possible to return to work, when children grow up or something changes. And I agree about trusting the partner, otherwise why to be together at all. As much as I like your beauty related posts, I also appretiate your perspective on other things in life, so please keep writing 🙂 For instance, how do you manage getting time for workouts with a small boy. That was too long:)
    All the best to you and your family in 2016!

    • Lily

      Thank you for your long comment, Jane! I love long comments because they allow me to get to know you better. As I’m typing, I’m having my late dinner, which is a chocolate protein shake ice blended with a tablespoon of sugar free peanut butter and a frozen banana. It’s actually VERY yummy, and filling 🙂 Oh, good luck with your move! I find moving quite straining, both physically and emotionally. I hope you’ll settle down comfortably in the shortest time.
      I am lucky to have help at home. She helps around at home, and when I need to go to the gym for about an hour, she’ll watch over the baby. I try not to leave my baby alone with her so I usually go when my in laws are at home (in case you’re wondering, no, they don’t babysit). On days I don’t have help, I keep my workouts short. I do HIIT, which will kill me in 15 minutes so I do it when the baby is napping. His shortest naps are about 30 minutes, so I know I have the time to do it. You can find those workouts on YouTube with Melissa Bender, or Zuzkalite (if you’re more advanced). I like Melissa Bender more though – longer follow along videos and excellent explanation 🙂 Hope that answered your question!

  • Happy new year Lily, I really like your resolutions. Especially quality over quantity applies to me. Others are also very important. Be happy sounds so basic but actually it is very hard to achieve. I wish you all the best for 2016. :-*

    • Lily

      You too Sara! Here’s to an awesome 2016, where we reach our goals and beyond!

  • I tried the ‘no cuss thing’. In Malaysia, particularly in Penang, it’s like they invite you to cuss!

    • Lily

      HAHAHAHAH this comment cracked me up so bad. Yes, I can totally understand. In Ipoh, people drive too slow. When I go to Penang, I cower in fear! The drivers speed on such tiny roads, all crowded and packed with cars. Scary!

  • Liz

    These are great resolutions, Lily. <3 I read a good article recently on looking at our own behaviours instead of constantly judging other people to be jerks. I was all out of charitable spirits by Christmas though and said some pretty horrible things to my parents, lol! It takes a lot of work to change old habits. Good luck to us both!

    • Lily

      It’s very difficult to change old habits indeed. I also regret using harsh words with my parents. I keep reminding myself to be conscious of all my words and actions and I call it a 5 second delay. If I didn’t respond immediately, which is when word diarrhea usually happens, if I just stopped for 5 seconds to think before responding, I usually fare better. LOL!