Some Good Affordable Skincare

I know I know. I don’t talk about drugstore skincare much. I really want my skin to love them, so my wallet is happier, but my skin is a snob when it comes to skincare. However, there are exceptions. I always find ways to keep my skin hydrated, and Hada Labo’s Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence has been doing its job. It comes in a surprisingly sturdy glass bottle, and the commonly used pipette. The essence is a thicker liquid, and I use one pump of it on my face and neck. It goes on slightly tacky initially, but it absorbs rather quickly. I use it after cleanser and toner, before serum and moisturizer. I don’t notice a dramatic difference in my skin because I always use something to keep my hydration level up, but it also means the hydrating essence is working. It only costs about RM59.90 if I’m not mistaken, so it’s definitely more affordable than, let’s say, an Estee Lauder one, which might cost 5 or 6 times more.






Another surprise for me is Oxy cleansers. The kind PR office has been sending me tubes of this over the past couple of years but I never talk about them. Truth be told, I find them a little harsh on my super bratty skin, but my husband is more than happy to take them from me. According to him, Oxy face wash lathers well and gets his face clean and comfortable. FYI, he has combination oily skin. I do notice though, he has less blackheads on his nose after using them. He has tried others from Hada Labo too, and he says he doesn’t like it as much because “water gets inside the tube”. Go figure. LOL!

I also want to mention the Sunplay sunscreens, and this one is the SPF60 that I bought from the supermarket. It is a yellow bottle, and I’ve ransacked my room but can’t seem to find it. I must have misplaced it when I brought it with me to the water theme park. The whole family used this on the face and body, and we were in the VERY HOT SUN for a long time, getting our bodies wet playing slides and other water games. I made sure we reapply, and guess what? It was lightweight, not sticky, not slippery after we got wet and did the job to protect us. If you’re looking for a cheaper sunscreen, I highly recommend Sunplay.

Is your skin a snob? Do you use drugstore skincare? What’s your fave? Hit me!



xoxo Lily



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