Sunday Stash Shopping #61

For today’s look, I used 2 products from Dior’s Spring collection. The ITlash mascara in 062 IT-Platine and the Rouge Dior Brillant in 668 Brise Bise. The greyish platinum color didn’t show up much on my black lashes, but it did add a bit of frostiness to the whole look. Brise Bise is a beautiful fuchsia that’s quite pigmented even on its own. My brows look a bit dark, and I’m not wearing anything but Clinique’s Just Browsing brow mousse in Black / Brown. I made sure the brush touched the skin instead of just the hair and that’s why they look bolder than usual. Are they overdone?

I used Chanel’s Charming palette on the lids, just the standard light color on brow bone, mid toned shade on lids and darkest shade on the outer corner & lower lash line. Nothing fancy, nothing new. It’s one of my tried and true ways so I stick to it. I skipped blush for a little bronzer (Dior Aurora) but it doesn’t seem to show on camera. On my skin, I’m just wearing Bobbi Brown BB Cream and some powder. Here’s the finished look.



look2 look1



Oh, the blue liner I used is Bobbi Brown’s Perfectly Defined Gel Liner in Sapphire. I haven’t applied a full faced makeup for a while now, and I’m getting rusty. I think it’s time to practice more! The girls are back to school tomorrow, so there’s a very predictable schedule. Love/hate relationship here, but I’m hoping to get my workouts back into routine.

Hope you enjoyed the look and happy Sunday!



xoxo Lily




  • Love the look! I rarely apply a full face of makeup these days too-just a light base, bronzer, blush and mascara and a lipstick is all I do when I do wear makeup. Otherwise I wear nothing but sunscreen these days if I go out.

    • Lily

      I do that too! Sunscreen only. But I’m getting a little better. I bring that browscara and Dior lip glow with me so I can apply it in the car. I’m just in a rush all the time!

  • BooBooNinja

    I like the look: simple and polished.
    Your brows are great; not dark at all.

    • Lily

      Thanks Boo!

  • This is such a fresh polished look, love it. I like your lashes, it adds something modern to the classical look. Xox

    • Lily

      I quite like it too. Against my black lashes, it just adds that tiny bit of frost, and nothing too dramatic. Still very wearable 🙂