Taking Care Of Your Body Inside Out

My skin is getting drier as I age. I don’t think this is anything uncommon, but I don’t like using body lotion or body oils, so it bothers me that I have to find one I like. One that moisturizes without greasiness. Effective and comfortable at the same time. I was recently sent a gift of the body care duo – thank you TNS Skin Lab** – Linden Leaves Gold Silken Body Wash** and Linden Leave Gold Body Oil** and boy, do they look decadent! Have a look yourself. (For ingredients, click on the product links)



Linden Leaves Gold



The body wash is literally like liquid gold. There is a very subtle scent of geranium which I love and my skin feels moisturized after. It takes 3-4 pumps to wash the entire body, which means this bottle of 150ml will be gone very quickly. For retail price of RM189, I find it quite pricey and I’m not sure if I’m financially ready to splurge. The body oil however, mmmm…. it smells just like the body wash and guess what? The oil goes on rich enough to soothe my dry skin but light enough to absorb rather immediately. I’ve never been a fan of body oils because they usually sit on my skin and leave a film of grease. I hate that feeling. This one however, feels silky and I can still glide on my bed sheets if I wanted to. My shins were really dry but after using this for a week, they are now without those horrid scales. They actually look smooth and well hydrated! If you’re like me and hate heavy oils, then THIS IS FOR YOU.

Sometimes, it’s not enough just to apply creams and lotions because what we eat and drink affect the appearance of our skin as well. Of course, we have to drink plenty of water, and eat more fruits and vegetables. I also find that taking supplements help a lot. I take multivitamins because I know I don’t eat enough variety of foods to cover everything. I also keep anti histamines in my purse every day because of my allergies. However, after taking probiotics, I find that my nose is less fussy! And you know what? I’m even more regular and have a good flush of my internal system every single day. I used to have episodes when I’d constipate for a few days, no joke. I’d be uncomfortable and I shall leave the rest unsaid – TMI & gross. I’ve been taking these GI Flora Plus by CellLabs and they work perfectly.



CellLabs GI Flora Plus



2 pills a day first thing in the morning, and I’m ready to face the day. You can get these at your local pharmacy or online through Lazada**. My parents are taking another brand of probiotics and they find it heaty, but the ones I’m taking are OK. I didn’t notice any bad side effects. The girls take liquid probiotics because they hate swallowing pills and for Chloe, it’s doctor’s orders because she doesn’t have a very good digestive system. There you go.

Do you take any supplementation? I’m also intrigued with Imedeen, which isn’t something new, but I’ve heard Jane from British Beauty Blogger talk about her positive experience. I wonder if it’s something that can help with my mom’s very dry skin. Anyone of you tried it before? Do let me know in comments!


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