Word Diarrhea. Oh, and January 2016 Empties. And Dreams.

I tend to speak without filter, hence my resolution to be more conscious with my words. I tend to type everything that flashes in my mind as well, and then have a hard time organizing the thoughts in a more graceful manner, so you guys won’t think I’m weird. Right now, literally right at this moment when my fingers are furiously typing, there are so many other random thoughts and images running through my head, I’m losing focus. So, when I’m so disoriented like this, I just shut down my computer and go to bed.

*3 days later*

I really did go to bed. I’m at the moment nom-ing on cherries. Mmmmm… love cherries. My mind is not so crazy now, but you know what? When I’m calm, I don’t think of anything much. HAHAHAHA! It’s like a really clean piece of white paper. So, I have no idea what I want to write. Can you now see how strange I am? LOL! I had so much I wanted to write a few days ago, and now, I forgot all of them. So, let’s go to plan B and talk about these empties first.

I think the only thing I haven’t talked about in this blog, is the Klorane dry shampoo. I had a good friend bring this back for me from Singapore, and for a small can like this, it’s quite pricey compared to Batiste. For this size (50ml), it’s converted to about RM50, while you can get Batiste locally for 200ml at the same price range (it’s available online at Hermo). The mini Batiste pictured here is only 30ml. I find that they perform similarly (how different can dry shampoo get?) but Klorane is a tad bit less powdery. The scent is not as strong as Batiste either, but as end results go, both are the same. They get rid of grease effectively, and my hair stays fresh until I wash.



empties jan2016



I want to ask you something. Do you remember your dreams?

I know Ashton doesn’t. He’d be crying and screaming from a dream at 2am, and he’d be sleeping soundly an hour later. Ashlyn and Chloe don’t either. They’d come in my room crying, telling me about their nightmare at 3am, but when they wake up the next day, they have forgotten everything, including their “I don’t want to go back to my room!”

I sometimes do though. Some of my dreams are so vivid, I’d wake up sobbing hard. I also sometimes KNOW I’m dreaming, and I’d manipulate my own dream. Isn’t it strange? Usually, and unfortunately, the dreams that I still remember until today, are awful dreams. When I was in my teens, I dreamed that my dad died in my arms. I woke up sobbing and choking and my heart was pounding so fast I couldn’t breathe. I never told anyone about my dream. I interpreted it as my fear of leaving home to pursue my tertiary studies. I’ve always been living at home and it was scary to live all on my own, and to study in a foreign place, starting all over again.

Then, another dream I had was after I got married. I dreamed my husband cheated on me. He’d ignore me, be really mean to me, but he’d be all lovey dovey with other girls. I woke up so pissed, I woke him up and slapped him really hard. After that, I proceeded to cry and call him a heartless bastard. He was barely awake and asked me WTF I was high on. LOL! I had a similar dream later and again, I whacked the shit out of him. He sleepily asked me what he did in my dream. Well, I felt stupid in the morning when he showed me the bruise near his ribs, but I was angry. If he did cheat on me in real life, he’d get much more than a bruise, that’s for sure! I told my mom, and she laughed so hard she cried. Apparently, she had the same dream and she also slapped my dad!! HAHAHAHAHA! I guess it runs in the family. HAHAHAHA!


What about you? Do you remember your dreams? SPILL!! I’d like to read about your dream!



xoxo Lily