Review: Dior Diorshow Mono Professional Eye Shadow Spectacular Effects & Long Wear

First off, what’s with the super long name??????? LOL! These single eye shadows (RM125) have been available since beginning of this month, and if you’re not in Malaysia, you might have seen these around much earlier. These are launched together with a new lash mazimizer (RM130), mascara (RM130), pro liner (RM94) and a brow palette (RM260). I will be using all of these to show you how they work in the next post, and today, I’d like to keep it short, and just tell you about the monos. The photos below are taken under direct sunlight. Look at them. Glorious!



Diorshow mono

Front Row, Show, Power

Left to right: Front Row, Show, Power



Front Row is a muted taupe which is only a little darker than my skin tone. If you have medium skin, this will show up lighter on your skin. It has smooth buttery texture, which is what I would say for Power as well. Power is a dark eggplant which is sheered out when applied. Layering is not a problem with this shade, and I like that it’s versatile like that. While it looks dark, it is not intimidating to apply, because you can slowly build it up. This will minimize mistakes, and usually how I like to apply my makeup. Show on the other hand, is a dark blue with gorgeous shimmers. Unfortunately, this shade is dry and patchy. It just does not apply as beautifully as it looks. I find that good blues are just difficult to find, what more a shimmery blue. I have tried all sorts of ways to make it work. Using it dry, wet, with a brush, with my finger, with a sponge, nothing worked – not to the intensity that I like anyway. If you like a wash of blue with lots of shimmers, then you might find it satisfactory.

Here’s the swatch, taken under direct sunlight as well.






I have been using Front Row a lot because it’s just such an easy shade to wear. It adds a little something to the eyes, while keeping you guessing if you do have any eye shadow on. The effect reminds me of Burberry’s Pale Barley. I like to use Power on the outer corner and as a liner, unless I’m creating a smokey eye. Here’s another photo of these monos, taken under fluorescent light.



Diorshow mono fluorescent lighting



Lucy has the swatches of all these monos on her Instagram so go check her out. She has tried all of these shadows, and apparently, Show is the only dud. The rest are just as gorgeous. I’ve also been loving the pro liner in Mahogany. It is so pigmented and perfect for a smokey eye and it’s waterproof! I’ll talk more about it later. I’m trying to keep this post short. Until then!



xoxo Lily



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