Sephora Malaysia Now Online. And A Few Products To Look At.

I think most of us know by now that Sephora Malaysia is now online. It’s actually quite exciting news for me, since the nearest Sephora used to be 200km away. That is, until 2 days ago because Sephora actually opened here and it’s only a 20-min drive away! I still haven’t gone to check it out because I want to wait until the hype is over. I know for sure the store will be packed, probably for a couple of weeks, and then I can go and check out what they have when it’s less crowded. Also, if you’ve been a customer of Luxola, I’m sure you’ve noticed that it has been rebranded to Sephora. I have read many feedbacks on this rebranding, and there are many of you who are not happy with the price increase in some of the products. When I brought this up to get some feedback directly from their marketing team, I was also provided the standard noncommittal answer that most of you got.


Hi Lily,

Thanks for your feedback. We have realigned our prices between Sephora in-stores and Sephora Online so that we can provide you with a seamless shopping experience. Providing a seamless shopping experience also means that consumers can now enjoy brands like Marc Jacobs Beauty, Becca Cosmetics and Tarte delivered to your door!
We appreciate your support and understanding during this transition!
Anyway, I’m not here to talk about this. Paris B of My Women Stuff seems to have addressed lots of your concerns, so you can head over there to have a look. Personally, honestly and truthfully, I’m actually really excited that Sephora is now online. I’m sure this is the case with all of us who never had the luxury of having Sephora within reach. Now, I can even purchase Burberry Beauty online, which had only 1 store in the whole country before it was sold in Sephora. So for those of you who are not in Penang or KL, or now Ipoh, you can purchase your goodies online! While not all brands are available just yet, the more popular ones are already at your fingertips. I do notice some price discrepancies online, and I hope this will be ironed out asap. While some of us understand there are hiccups along the way, not many are as forgiving.


Today, I want to share with you some things that were sent to me. This turns out to be quite a wordy post, so I’m going to keep the rest short and sweet. I will be reviewing more stuff in the future, mostly skincare, so they will be more in depth. These products featured today are all brand new to me. I have not tried them before. Winky Lux is something I haven’t heard of, and LAQA & Co is something I only see on Instagram (that shows you that I never really stepped into Sephora, because they’re so far away!). The Winky Lux cream blush is a little too emollient on my skin that it just doesn’t set. It moves around a little too much, but it might be good on someone with very dry skin. LAQA & Co tinted lip balm goes on tingly and it’s very comfortable to wear. Some of you might not like the tingling sensation though!






I’ve always wanted to try Marc Jacobs, and I’m glad I was sent these. The Twinkle Pop Stick Eyeshadow in Au Revoir is a sparkly taupe which goes on quite light on my eyes. I like to use it like I would a liner because if I applied all over the lid, I find that it balls up into chunks of glittery mess. While the base taupe colour stays on, the glitters to move around after a while. The Kiss Pop lipstick in 602 Heartbreaker is a gorgeous coral, and it is demi matte. Most matte lipsticks are on the dry side, and this is no exception. I do need some relief (lip balm please!) after using this so I prefer to prep my lips with a soothing balm before applying this.






The winner of today is actually the Balance Me cleanser. I never thought I’d like it so much! It’s creamy and moisturizing at the same time, and since my skin has been drier than usual, this cream cleanser has been godsent. It cleanses thoroughly but keeps skin dewy. My skin has been dehydrated from fever and cough, and even my legs feel coarse. This Works Energy Bank Hand Makeover actually made my hands AND feet cheat death. They looked so dry and crepey but after applying this, they instantly look more plump. I know it’s a hand cream, but trust me, works on my feet too!



Ingredients for cream cleanser
Ingredients for hand cream


I am now testing a few other products, including some Alpha H and Foreo Luna and I’ll post my thoughts on them once I’ve had my verdict. I also finally tried the Sephora brand blush, and it’s true. It’s GREAT! Amazing pigmentation, easily blended, and lots of colours to choose from. In my next FOTD post, I’ll be sure to use these products (and the Marc Jacob ones) to show you. I have a few planned, but let me look like a human again before I show you my face, OK?

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. I’m still nursing my fever / cough of death and I’m really hoping it’ll go away before I cough my lungs out. All the kids are also coughing, so if me coughing my lungs out means having the kids get better, then take my lungs!!!!!

You guys stay well and healthy. No fun being sick 🙁



xoxo Lily



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