Life Updates. And Some Empties

The year always passes by most quickly in the beginning and at the end. And don’t you feel the middle of the year is such a drag? Once we past October, everything goes fast forward and the next thing we know, it’s March again. Crazy! I’ve been trying to think what I’ve done so far, and honestly, nothing much. I did quite well in the fitness front, right up until Chinese New Year, then everything went to a halt. No thanks to viral fever and cough of death. I’m easing back into it instead of charging ahead but that’s also because it’s so bloody hot lately, and there is no air conditioning in the gym. I don’t even have to do anything and I’d sweat bucket loads. And feel faint. And stuffy. And nauseated. Then my super motivated inner self screams “LIES! EXCUSES! You just don’t want to move your lazy ass!” Well, maybe. Once the momentum stops, it takes a lot of effort to pick up again.

I’ve also been using up a few things since January, and because I want to throw them out instead of leaving them in the bag, I thought I’d just talk about them now.



empties Feb16



I’ve been using cleansing balms since I used up my Dior cleansing oil, and I find that I prefer oils. So much faster. So I bought a large bottle of Dermalogica Pre Cleanse. This Antipodes Hallelujah cleanser is good, but it’s so hard to get to the bottom of this bottle. I have to turn it upside down and scrape the bottoms as much as I could. Needless to say, the Worship serum is awesome. This is my 3rd bottle and I’m onto my 4th.

As for makeup, I am throwing out my RMS ‘un’cover up because it feels drier than usual. It doesn’t apply as well as it used to, and I made a good dent so I decided to say good bye. The NARS eye primer is the best I’ve tried, and I’m throwing this out even though it’s working well because it’s already 3 years! Shows I don’t prime very often. The Bobbi Brown liquid liner has dried up, and Clinique mascara has been opened for 6 months and the Dior Lip Glow is all gone. I’m quite happy with my effort, actually.

I discovered Chloe EDT when I was in Singapore and I really like it. I’m contemplating buying a full sized bottle but I still have a few other bottles of perfume. I’m going to run out of my Chanel Mademoiselle, so once I’m done with that, then maybe I can buy a new one?

Ashton is talking a lot. He knows how to call everyone now, says “put back”, “walk walk”, and all the other gibberish only I understand. When he wants milk, he says “mi mi”, when it’s hot he says “ot”, and when he doesn’t like something, he just makes all those annoying sounds. Hahahah! I speak in English and Cantonese with him so he sometimes speaks in Cantonese as well. He’s really good at signing and also whining! And, he’s got a short temper. It’s funny to see him blow his top. I sometimes make him angry just to see his reaction. I know, crazy mom. He’s got a good sense of humor, so don’t worry. Heh.

OK the little one is making lots of noise so I’m going now. What have you been up to?



xoxo Lily



  • He sounds adorable! Sometimes I miss a little one, and then I slap myself HAHA. So much work! I haven’t been feeling 100 % since January to be honest, and have been having a hard time getting back into exercise. And I’m bored with even Zumba. So, I need to find something else to do. I think I will try spinning. I used to like it years ago, and it’d be nice to find something that isn’t high impact now that I’m getting older.

    • Lily

      Lol Tracy. I think a friend of mine said the same thing. They miss having a little one at home. And then they laughed at their silliness. Hahaha! I think I tried spinning before. But I don’t like biking. Do you like swimming? I assume your pools will be indoors and heated 🙂

  • Aw cute! My dtr is 3 now and talking up a storm 🙂 I just started using the Dior lip balm recently and am loving it! Too lazy to blog these days though so I just read 🙂

    • Lily

      3 year olds are so adorable especially when they talk! Gets fun and a little tiring when they ask so many questions though. Mostly because they are very difficult questions to answer. Lol!
      Ah I have another Dior lip glow in lilac so I’m all set. Out of the original pink, coral and lilac, I must say coral is my favourite 🙂

  • Ah, it’s fantastic that your kids are all bilingual! I wish I was, haha.

    I fell off the exercise wagon, too! So funny. Usually January and February are stereotyped as the only times people go, for all those new years resolutions! But I’ve been so busy, and I had a nasty cold at the beginning of the year, and then I just felt so tired 😛 And S came to visit, etc. EXCUSES, I KNOW. Trying to get back into it now, but even today I am supposed to go to lyra and I don’t think I am going to go, because we have had weird weather fluctuations, which always kicks up my allergies. sob story, I know 😛 But we can all do it! Get back into it!

    • Lily

      We are mostly trilingual here. There’s also our national language but we only speak that with the Malays. Awesome huh? Lol lol!
      And yes I went to the gym yesterday. Went on the treadmill for 20 mins then did 2 rounds of crazy HIIT. Will go again tomorrow after resting today. I’ll start with alternate days I think. For 2 weeks then I’ll be back to 6 days a week. I hope. Hehe. And yes, get back to it! We can do it, woman! !!!

  • How old is your boy? Mine will turn two in end April and he’s only starting to say a couple of words. I speak Mandarin to him so his first few words are in Mandarin. Haha! And I feel you about getting lazy to workout once the momentum stopped, I am the same after my three weeks holiday. Honestly i couldn’t get myself of the couch to do yoga….

    • Lily

      Ashton is now 15 months old. I have 2 other girls aged 7 and 9 🙂 It’s like that isn’t it? Once you get into the groove of exercising, you don’t want to stop. It’s starting and picking up the momentum that takes a lot of self determination!

  • They don’t have aircon in the gym? I wouldn’t go there when it is hot either. I think primers are not bad even after years, you could keep it. I only use Nars Pro Prime. I have been up to nothing recently, right on there with you, time flies!

    • Lily

      I know. No aircon in this particular gym. We have another club membership with air conditioned gym but it’s quite far away. Thank goodness it’s not as hot now. I think the weather dropped just a few degrees. This is the tropics after all. Can’t expect much. LOL!

  • Liz

    OT! Ahhhhhh, adorable!! Jeddie speaks in full sentences all the time now and my parents are afraid their English is worse than his, lol. But once in a while he’d say something that we all just “hmmmmmmmm” at. Toddler speak!

    I can’t believe you go to the freaking gym without A/C. I think it’s time to upgrade to army boot camps!

    • Lily

      It’s like sauna and gym in one. Saves time and very effective in getting rid of excess water in the body. Lol! Yes Ashton’s muttering lots of words now and his language sounds darn funny. He gets frustrated when we sometimes don’t understand him. And when he unexpectedly shows some maturity ahead of his time, we go wide eyed. Hahaha!

  • Awww…. so cute!!! I somehow don’t have any memories of Ezra learning to talk…. it’s like, he just didn’t want to talk right up till we sent him to nursery. And then somewhere in the midst of it all, he just started talking! I really need to document these things, because very soon, it’ll be like, Ezra never learnt to do anything and he just graduated one day from college! ROFL!!

    • Lily

      Hahaha yes. I think some things need to be documented. I especially like to record their mischief on film. I find it really cute, and you never know. They can be blackmail material when they’re older. HAHAHAHA!