March Empties and A Few Things I Want Gone. Another Project MAD?

Another month bites the dust. Oowwwww!!

This month, it’s more about sunscreens. I talk about the heatwave a lot and it’s no joke. Kids are getting sick and many get sunstroke. There’s a virus going round the schools and we have one girl down in the family, and another about to go down. We’re isolating the girls from the baby boy with hopes the little one doesn’t get it. It would really really suck otherwise. And the humidity. I feel like I could suffocate just by walking out of my air conditioned room. Staying indoors is really the best way to go, but life goes on. So we suck it up by drinking gallons of water and protecting our skin with lots of sunscreen. As I’m writing this at 2pm, the sky looks a little overcast. I’m hoping for a thunderstorm. Let’s cool down the surface of the earth just for a little, eh?






As you can see, 2 bottles of sunscreen emptied. My bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is also gone. It’s been my scent for 2 years, and I think it’s time to move on (I purchase a bottle of Chloe EDT to replace it and have been loving it!). The Estee Lauder ANR Eye is not enough for me anymore, so I won’t be purchasing it again. I have a richer one from EL which I’m enjoying. The Bobbi Brown BB Cream has been my favourite for a long time, and I’ve used a lot of it, but it’s 3 years now so we bid goodbye. There isn’t much left in there anyway.

I have been using a few things quite religiously for a few months, and thought I want to show you. These are the few things I want to throw into my empties bag too.



to empty



I love love love the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer and I have been using it for 6 months. I think I’m at the bottom of the tube because there isn’t much left, but I have a few concealers left. Once I use them up, I’m going to repurchase this. The Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara is a good dry texture that separates and defines. Gives a bit of volume but not over the top. The Clinique browscara is my brow staple but once I’m done with this, I’m going on a break and just use the pencils I still have. The Shu Uemura brow pencil you see here is getting really short, and I’d like to get rid of it. I’m also using 2 eye liners for variety, and loving how versatile plum and brown are as eye liners!

I use the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette in Diffused Light to set my concealer and there’s a little dip in the middle already. I don’t use the Diorskin Nude Tan Aurora Bronzer much, but I do try to use it more often. As you can see, there’s a little pan action. The cream blush you see here is a limited edition one from Lunasol and it gives the perfect barely there flush that no other blushes do. As you can see, it’s well loved.

These are the things in my makeup bag that I put on my vanity, things that I use whenever I apply makeup. I’m hoping to see a few things gone (the mascara will be chucked out in 2 months) in the next few months, or maybe more pan action.

I’m not really on a reducing mission, but it just gives me satisfaction seeing things put to good use.

Now, come April. I welcome you.



xoxo Lily




  • Your Diffused Light looks like mine haha! It has that same dip action going on too! I pulled out my Aurora Bronzer today too-I have the crosshatch one that was LE and I forgot how much I loved it. Gonna use it all summer long. I’m not on a reducing mission either, but there are a handful of products that I use every day as well just like this. It’s funny, lately I keep using the same things-maybe change the blush-but everything else is the same!

    • Lily

      Me too! I just use the same things. I sometimes change out the blush too, but I just usually change out the lipstick. There’s a lipstick I’ve been using regularly though… and it’s getting short!

  • Lily, I think you’re doing so well on getting plenty of use out of your products! My Diffused Light is still a long way off from looking as well used as yours 🙂 How funny about that pan in the Dior bronzer – right at the very edge! I’m guessing the powder must be softer in some areas of the embossing. And good job on hitting pan in your blush, I think blushes are the most difficult make-up item to use up.

    • Lily

      Hey thanks Monika! I agree, blushes don’t die! But this doesn’t have a lot of product to start with, so it’s not impossible. Yeah, I was wondering about the bronzer too. Some parts are definitely softer. I realized the shimmery bits are harder. I tend to use powder rather quickly though. I’m always happy to see one go so I can start using another one 🙂 I think after this is done, I’ll go back to using my Chanel loose powder – which never dies!

  • Ugh, I would go insane having to deal with that kind of heat and humidity all the time… Looks like you’re doing a great job finishing your stuff! I’m kind of anal about leaving product open for too long so I too try to finish my sh*t.

    • Lily

      You use up lipstick like a pro, Melissa!! Do you eat them? Hahahahaha!!! Just kidding. I’ve been using one quite regularly too, and I do see how they do disappear after a few months 🙂

  • Woo hoo hoo!!! I LOVE seeing how you’re making such good headway with your stuff!! I gave up trying to make any progress with makeup, but skincare & body care I’m emptying and emptying them yay me! This heat is INSANE! And are you guys getting the haze yet?? Unbelievable, it’s only April! If this keeps up, i’m packing my boy and moving to California or something. Seriously, i’m just fedup with forest fires and peat fires or whatever they’re calling it. Just stop burning already.

    • Lily

      The burning is really ridiculous. We didn’t get the haze here but those in East Malaysia get it bad. Some 77 schools were closed today because of health hazard. I don’t know what the Indonesian government is doing, but whatever it is, it’s not working. We as neighbours can only tolerate this much. It’s affecting our health and livelihood and we can’t do anything about it. So mad!