Review: Bobbi Brown Face Mask (Skin Nourish) & A Mini Rant. Again.

I’ve mentioned a few times before, that the best makeup is good skin. Having good skin is better than concealing flaws. Of course, many women don’t feel it’s a big thing, and some even say they’re confident in their own skin to go out without a speck of makeup, in all their blemish, marks and texture glory. They are even so confident, they don’t use any skincare to try to make their skin look better. Good for them! I’m assuming these women won’t be reading my blog. I’m assuming my readers are confident men and women who just love to play with makeup. I’m assuming you take pride in taking care of your appearance by spending a little more time to apply skincare every morning and evening.

I know some people who diss on those who have an interest in skincare and makeup and it annoys me. Naturally, I might have felt defensive, but we’re individuals who have different interests. No need for hate, or belittling. I shouldn’t need to address this, since we’re all here because of similar interests, but you know… just a mini rant. Now back to the face mask.

Apparently, Bobbi and I share the same thought. “Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin”. I couldn’t agree more.



Bobbi Brown skin nourishing mask




I love the packaging of the face mask. It’s the same packaging as one of my favourite masks and you can get every bit out. You know, like the old toothpaste tubes, not the plastic ones. The Skin Nourish Face Mask (RM177) is for those with dry dehydrated skin. It has a unique Triple Emulsion Texture, which delivers a sustained multi-layered release of moisturization – hydrating emollients, natural oils and water. While the mask gives heavyweight results, it is lightweight in texture. It goes on like any cream would, and it melts into the skin. I apply a thick layer and let it sit for 10 minutes then tissue off any excess product. Due to the amount I use, my face looks very shiny for that 10 minutes, but after I tissue it off, I massage any cream left on my face, like a moisturizer. I don’t apply anything after that. It’s like an intense moisturization for the night. I wake up to beautiful smooth and soft skin. The first time I used it, I was recovering from a long bout of cough and fever. My skin was lackluster, and it felt coarse against my hands. It even felt like there were thorns on my nose! I was desperate to get my skin back to normal, and I tried everything. A very expensive serum from La Mer worked like a miracle, but I also used this 3 times a week for 2 weeks. My face looked amazing!!

Coral Grass distributes moisture, Chlorella Extract increases natural collagen production and Muru Muru Butter repairs skin’s natural moisture barrier. The mask is full of ingredients that deliver hydration and moisture to the skin. I now use it only once a week, along with other masks for other days, and my skin does look better. I love masks and serums because they are potent, and I do see visible results compared to when I only cleanse, tone and moisturize.






Right now, as I’m writing, I look at myself in the mirror and while I see dark circles and larger pores around the nose, my skin, in general, is still fine and smooth, without rough texture. There’s even some rosiness peeking through my cheeks! I’m not giving this mask full credit for my skin’s condition but you know, good skincare rocks.

What about you? Do you mask regularly? Have you tried this? What are you using?



xoxo Lily



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  • Oooh this sounds like a great mask! I love masks and use them regularly, at least 4 times a week. I find they make a huge difference so I keep using them! Good skincare to me is more important than makeup, and that’s where the majority of my money is spent lately. And I think it’s worth it, especially 2 weeks ago when I met a lady who was giving samples at the liquor store who was one year younger than me, but I looked about 20 years younger than her. Poor lady was in shock hahaha…. 😉

    • Lily

      It feels so good when that happens. It’s like, shit yeah, all the $$ spent on skincare, totally worth it. LOL!

  • liyeun

    Have not tried this, but it surely looks interesting. Don’t get what’s with the Triple Emulsion texture, though!
    I have been using Clarins hydrating Cream Mask for many years now (in blue tube). I like it when hydrsting mask can be used on both eye area and the lip.

    • Lily

      I love all sorts of masks. I keep a few different ones at home to target different things. I have clay masks, those for radiance, anti aging, hydration, everything. I love them!

  • Never tried this one but I am intrigued as I used to like Clarins Hydraquench Mask.

    • Lily

      I never really gave Clarins a proper try. I like their body care and their brightening serum. Might be time to try their Hydraquench line.

  • I love your rants hihi. And I love Bobbi Brown products. Anyway, back to your rant, let me have a rant too. Yes some people seem to think that looking after your skin and taking pride in your appearance is stupid. If we had no passions in life (other than looking after our skin, I mean I have passion in piano, food and photography for example) then what would life be? What do they only watch TV and complain about everything? Maybe they should put on a face mask instead 😀 As for people that love going natural and are positive, good for them!

    • Lily

      LOL! I think everyone has an opinion on everything nowadays. And somewhere along the line, negativity just took over everything. I wonder what happened to knowing when to keep quiet. Hehe.

  • Haha, your rant is TO THE POINT, LILY. You tell ’em. Like, fuck off, right? If you don’t like it, why are you bothering to haunt beauty blogs???

    ANYWAY. I love the sound of this mask. I like masks a lot! I think I have 2-3 in rotation right now. An origins one, a StriVectin one, and a First Aid Beauty. It seems like Bobbi’s skincare is getting better lately – they have a vitamin base that I’ve been curious about. Have you tried it?

    • Lily

      They haunt beauty blogs and even YouTube videos just to leave spastic comments. Hahahahah!!! I also have a few masks in rotation. I love masks. I only tried this mask from Bobbi Brown. I’m looking for one that’s Vitamin C heavy. I remember my skin loving doses of Vit C.

  • Your rant is exactly how I feel too, Lily so you’re not alone! I’m lucky to be blessed with pretty good skin so I can get away with very minimal makeup but still, people who diss us who love skincare and makeup really get on my tits or so to speak. I have relatives who frowned on me being a beauty blogger dismissing me as being shallow but at the same time, they ask me what are my thoughts on certain products. Like seriously? Oh well…

    On to the topic and enough with the rant…I don’t have a favourite mask to be honest. I love my Laneige Water Sleeping mask, sheet masks in general and Freeman Cucumber Peeling mask and I rotate them all the time depending on how my skin feels at the moment. Weird eh? I know many have a favourite mask but not me though.

    • Lily

      I think all sorts of masks work as long as you use it regularly. I used to have problems with blemishes. As I got older, my skin got better. I’m not sure if it’s age or hormones, or just skincare, but I think it’s combination of everything. It feels great being complimented on your bare skin, doesn’t it? 🙂

  • I feel EXACTLY the same way. And fuck those who don’t get it.

    As for the mask, I have the Radiance Boost version myself, but I would love to try this one as well.

    • Lily

      Life is too short to worry about all those negativity eh? But I truly believe we just get along with certain people in our lives. There are many others who are just too different.

  • There’s obviously no cure for bigotry Lily!

    • Lily

      Some ppl do change for the better but I’ve learned to keep my expectations low. Also, having selective hearing helps in times like these. I just get annoyed easily. I blame the crazy hot weather. Lol!

  • I know exactly how you feel, Lily. I used to work with a female co-worker who would openly tell anybody and everybody else that I’m a frivolous beauty blogger and could not be taken seriously at work. There will always be people like around, I pity them because their lives are so dull really. I mean, what fun we’re having!!!

    • Lily

      Just between you and me, I think they’re just jealous!!