Review: Dior Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Moist Cushion and 2 Other Bases

Glowy skin. Cushion foundations. They seem to be the trend nowadays. Dior gives you glowy skin with primers and a cushion foundation catered to the Asian market. I believe Diorsnow is Asia exclusive, but if you happen to chance upon this, please let me know!



Diorsnow Bloom Perfect



Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Brightening Perfect Skin Creator SPF35 PA+++ (RM385)

This is marketed as a hybrid skincare, and I had to read through the pamphlet thoroughly to decide what it is. I initially thought it’s a brightening moisturizer, since it says to re-plump skin and diminish dark spots but it’s not. I think it is very misleading and confusing, and they should just make things simpler by calling this makeup, with some added skin benefits. Most makeup are nowadays (with added skin benefits), so it’s nothing new. Marketing it in a different way doesn’t make it a different product.

I decided this is a primer to be applied as the very first step of makeup, before foundation. It very subtly evens out the skin, and gives it a hint of rosy glow that is very natural. I tried applying it on its own after sunscreen, with some concealer where needed, and I like it. Underneath foundation, I find that after a few hours, there is less pooling around my nose, and drier / heavier foundations look much better on my skin. Let’s just say, it makes foundation go on the skin more skin-like. The SPF35 is quite useful, because I think this can replace sunscreen (if you apply enough). I used enough product as I would a sunscreen and it doesn’t feel heavy at all. While I still apply sunscreen as usual, I think this can replace it if you’re on a whim.

There’s also a little sponge that comes with it, and it works like a beauty blender, but I personally don’t find any difference if you apply it using your fingers or bounce it on your skin using a damp sponge. You certainly use MORE product with a sponge though. For a confused skincare, I’m not sure I’d personally fork out RM385 for it. It’s nice, yes, but there are others that are also nice at half the price. I can’t attest to the skincare benefits, and if it’s actually a moisturizer, I might actually pay for it (Dior skincare has been good to my skin!).

So tell me, Dior, is this a moisturizer, or a face primer, or are you going to tell me this is skincare that is also a face primer?




Diorsnow cushion



Diorsnow Brightening Makeup Base Colour Correction (Bleu) SPF35 PA+++ (RM210)

This is a makeup base with skin brightening properties. There are 3 shades and I have the blue one which corrects sallow skin tone. The texture is very fluid and light and I made a mistake to apply this as I would sunscreen. I initially thought I could use this as a sunscreen. Perfect texture for it. However, the blue tint is actually quite opaque and I ended with a white mask on my face, and 2 dark circles around my eyes. Yes, panda. I looked like a panda. For this product, a little goes a long way, and skin is instantly much brighter, that’s for sure. So, even though there’s SPF35, it isn’t possible for me to use enough product to have sufficient protection.

I find that when I apply foundation on top of this, my skin still looks lighter and brighter. This base provides for more slip and I think it pairs better with heavier foundations. With lighter sheerer foundations, I find that the foundation is somewhat sheered out further. With this primer on, my face feels a little oily after a few hours so if you have dry skin, then you might like this. My skin is normal with slight dryness.






Diowsnow Bloom Perfect Perfect Moist Cushion SPF50 PA+++ (RM268)

Finally, the cushion foundation. They started in Korea, and their cushions are lightweight, with all the skincare benefits you can think of. High sun protection, anti aging, boost hydration, brightening, etc. I have tried a few, and I love them. I’d willingly pay for them because they’re mostly affordable. There are some more expensive ones, like the Sulwhasoo and Whoo, and Dior is at the top with them. RM268 is not a price everyone would pay for, but is it something WORTH paying for?

Dior’s cushion foundation has skincare benefits as well. Corrects imperfections, improve radiance, high sun protection, and has brightening powers. It is a very sheer foundation (as you can see in the swatch above). If you have good skin, you’ll appreciate it. The texture is so light, it feels like nothing. It is the lightest cushion foundation I’ve ever tried. Once it’s on, it immediately blends into the skin. It evens out my complexion nicely, reduces redness and gives me a beautiful glow. I can reapply this foundation without it being cakey. The sponge washes easily, and I find that this cushion foundation applies BEST with the sponge provided. Below, in the before after photo, you can see that my face looks more uniform in color and redness is reduced. Somehow my dark circles don’t look as bad after I applied the foundation. I really like how sheer and light it is, because that’s how I like my foundations.




before after



Here is a close up of me wearing the cushion foundation and nothing else. Doesn’t it look like my skin is just so awesome? Ah, and of course you’d notice, it doesn’t do anything to camouflage large pores. Darn those pores. I have to do something about it.



close up



What do you think of this foundation? What about the primers? Below are the ingredient lists for those of you who are interested. I believe this Diorsnow range is available this month, so some counters might already have it. Some stores might have it later of the month. Have you seen it? Have you tried any cushions yet? What’s your fave?





ingredients cushion ingredients blue ingredients bloom perfect



xoxo Lily




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