Sunday Stash Shopping #65: Makeup For Puffy Lid Days

Mono / hooded lids? Woke up with puffy eyes because you cried the night before? Or maybe your entire face just looks puffier than usual because you had too much MSG the night before, or maybe you just drank one whole liter of water in the middle of the night. I had a good cry one night, and went to bed with swollen eyes. I applied cold compress and it helped a little, but come morning, my eyes still looked puffier than usual. After MORE cold compress, I decided to get some help through makeup. I don’t want people to ask if I cried the night before, and why.

Then comes the question. How should I do it? If I have puffy eyes, then I should divert the attention with bold lips. Since I needed my eyes to look less puffy, I also decided on using kohl on my eyes for the messy look. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted, and it just looked like how I usually wear my makeup with eye liner. Basically, I used a matte dark brown shadow and carelessly apply it all around my eyes. If it makes you look like you didn’t sleep for 2 weeks, well, you’re on the right track. I used the same matte dark brown to darken the outer corner of my eyes, and also to pull it a little longer than my eye shape. After that, I used a grey kohl pencil to line my eyes. With a teeny weeny eye brush, I smudged it a little, and with whatever that’s left on the brush, I pulled it down my lower lash line. I finished off with 2 coats of mascara.

I think the sunlight was too bright because the dark brown eye shadow doesn’t show in the photos. I’m wearing the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani lipstick in Rock Steady. It looks darker in real life, and again, I think it’s the sunlight. This is the sample that came with the eye palette, and I really like this shade. Ex-Girlfriend is a very pretty nude too. I MIGHT get Ex-Girlfriend because I know I can use it every day, and I’m debating whether to get what I’m wearing here. I love how dramatic it is, but I know for a fact that I won’t be using it very much.






I took these photos after being out for a few hours, and it was extremely hot. You see some foundation pooling around my nose, and some settled into my pores. I was using the (going to be launched) new Dior Prestige White Collection BB Cream, and as you can see, it’s not kind to the skin if you sweat a lot. I guess that means it’s not the best if you have oily skin, huh?






My eyes don’t look as puffy anymore, because like I said before, photos were taken in the afternoon. This makeup did work though. Most people asked me what lip color I was wearing. None of them commented about my puffy eyes. LOL! What do you do if you woke up with puffy eyes / face? How do you like this lipstick? Have you seen or tried any of the UD x Gwen’s lipsticks?

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend! There’s a small gathering with friends tonight, so I’ll be busy cooking. It’s a pot luck, and I’m making curry fish and Oreos cupcakes. Yay!



xoxo Lily