20 Things That Make Me Happy

It’s been a little difficult to get on a regular blogging schedule. I’ve been so busy! I can set aside one night to write a few posts to be scheduled throughout the next 2 weeks, but after that night, I’d be offline for 3 weeks. Hahaha! I still do blogging things offline like taking photos and testing stuff, writing down notes, but I just couldn’t find the time to sit down to edit photos and write a proper post. You guys will think I’ve only been away for a week or so, since you’ve been getting the pre-written posts fed to your inbox but for me, I feel like it’s been ages since I wrote! So I think I’ll do something light and fluffy. This is inspired by Tracy’s blogpost here. She did 50 things, but I think I’ll scale it down to 20. Here they are, in no particular order.






1. My Children’s Laughter

Nothing else make my heart swell so much. No matter how shitty I’d feel, their hearty laughter makes me burst with happiness! I especially love a baby’s laugh. This Instagram video was taken more than 3 months ago, but Ashton still laughs like that. LOVE!


2. A Warm Hug

An enveloping hug that’s strong and protective. A bear hug from the husband makes all my worries and stress go away.


3. My Mom’s Cooking

Nothing compares to mom’s home cooked meal. It can be a very simple one, but it warms my tummy and makes me go Aaaahhhh…


4. Good Friends

I’m not one to have many circles of friends, but the little one that I have is a circle of very dear friends I can depend on.


forever friends


5. Hot Noodles with Soup

I have a crazy affection for soup noodles. Preferably spicy ones. I really like our local curry vermicelli and Korean ramyeon. I like Hokkaido ramen, Kyushu ramen… yumm!!


6. Sushi

All sorts. Enough said. With lots of pickled ginger.


7. Beautiful Makeup

There’s a reason I’m still blogging. All the pretties still get me, even though there are times I don’t give a hoot.


8. Hitting Pan

Yes, while I appreciate beautiful untouched makeup, I feel it’s a waste not using them. Looking at well used makeup makes me happy!


to empty


9. Chloe’s Quiet Thoughtfulness

Chloe, my 9-year-old now, remains my first love (husband aside). She’s my first baby, and she’s grown so much. She’s still little, at only 9 years old, but she’s mature beyond her age. She has much consideration for others and she makes me proud.


10. Ashlyn’s Ridiculous Stories

She can’t be more different than Chloe. She’s loud, outgoing, hyperactive and so imaginative. She sometimes doesn’t make sense, but her stories are so silly and funny at the same time. She’s fearless and has no qualms of asking an adult if she brushed her teeth because her teeth looked yellow and she had smelly breath. HAHAHAHA!


11. Ashton’s Cuteness

I’m totally biased. Everything about him is cute. The way he trots around with his diapers to the way he scrunches his face when it’s smelly. He’s so animated and he copies everything everyone else does. His smile and dimples be the death of everyone including strangers! We often get interrupted at shops and cafes because strangers just want to play with him. Scare the shit out of me though… so many kidnapping cases in broad daylight lately, I’d rather be left alone thank you.


12. Movies

I’m a movie buff. I enjoy all sorts of movies but don’t watch horror anymore. Children and even the husband get scared. Am I the only one who wonder how they do the scary makeup?


13. K dramas

Guilty pleasure. I am not ashamed of ogling at pretty boys 10 years younger. Sssshhh just don’t tell everyone!


14. Baking

Baking calms me down. And people enjoying my baked goodies make me happy. Below are my salted Oreo cupcakes. The cupcakes themselves are sweet but the buttercream loaded with Oreo crumbs are salted.


Oreo cupcakes


15. Quite time

It’s hard to get some quiet time now, so whenever I’m given the opportunity, I appreciate it. I need my time to myself to recuperate, to find my center again. I could be doing nothing, or just having a long bath, or taking time to read (a luxury now) but as long as it’s quiet and I can gather my thoughts, I can find myself again.


16. Weekends / Family Time

This is the time everyone in the family is around together. We’d go out for lunch, or we’d go to the mall, or maybe we’d go swimming together, all 5 of us. Love family time.


17. Good Skincare

Good skincare is everything. As I get older, I appreciate creamier textures more. My skin is changing, and KNOWING that is winning half the battle. Now for the other half, finding a new routine that works. I am fortunate that I get to experiment with more products, so I know what works and what doesn’t, but it’s also unfortunate if my skin reacts negatively to certain products. Part and parcel of blogging, which is why I only accept skincare from trusted brands now. By that, I mean brands that my skin likes.


18. Cartoons

I watch a lot of cartoons. I’d go to the movies when there’s a new cartoon out. At the moment, the fever is Pocoyo. The kids love it, and I enjoy it too. It’s cuteness overload, and funny too.




19. Chocolate

I don’t eat sweets much. I don’t like hard candy. I hardly eat ice cream. I only have a bite or a serving of the things I bake myself. But chocolates, I LOVE!


20. Accepting Myself

I’m always hard on myself. I used to think people always talked bad about me behind my back. I am insecure, and I’m still working on my insecurities. My husband says I’m just a drama queen. Maybe so. As I got older, I developed a ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude. As I grew to accept myself, it just doesn’t bother me if there are people who don’t accept me, because there will be those who do. We all have something precious that others crave. Some people might look like they have it all, but every single person has their own worries and insecurities. So for me, I don’t need to do anything but to be the best version of MYSELF. Me. That makes me feel much better about myself, and just so much happier. So if you’re like me, let me sincerely tell you – you are just fine the way you are!


I hope you enjoyed this. What are some of the things that make you happy? *cue Pharrell’s Happy* It’s been playing in my head as I wrote this 🙂



xoxo Lily