Fitness Check In #7: It’s All About The Food

It’s been a year since I started this journey and you know what? I progressed and got stuck, then progressed again and now I’m half stuck. It’s like 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Is this only normal? Can’t we just march on without slumps? Guess I’m a weak human after all. I’ve been maintaining my strength, but my size has not really changed. For that, it’s really all about the food. I doesn’t matter if you did ab exclusive workouts every single day. Those Pins you see that say, do this if you want smaller abs, or do this if you want legs for days – they don’t work if you don’t clean up your food intake. If you want to look smaller, just eat less and eat the right food. And that’s why these fitness experts always tell you your nutrition is most important.



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So that brings me to… what if I really enjoy different sorts of foods? I want to enjoy all types of food and be happy.¬†That’s my biggest weakness. Food. And it’s an every day battle for me. It’s like I talk to myself, I fight with myself, and most of the time Evil Foodie Lily wins! So then I’d feel bad later and go workout like crazy, just to burn off those junk that I ate instead of burning the excess fats already in my body. And that’s why, Lily did not progress the last 6 months. First 6 months, Lily did well. Lily had clear goals. Then Lily’s old bad habits started resurfacing¬†and everything went swinging like a yoyo! Lily. Bad.

I think writing this down does help me put things in perspective. I need to set clear short term goals again. I need to find something that will kick my ass and make me WANT to do this all over again, to break that mental threshold, to push that psychological boundary. Maybe I’m now in my comfort zone. Comfort zones are dangerous!

What’s your daily food intake like? Are you those people I want to hate? You can eat whatever you want and not put on weight? Or are you like me, you put on weight easily? If you’re like me, then what do you do to control your weight and not go fuck it, I’m just going to eat this?

I need sound advice. HALP!


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xoxo Lily