Random Thoughts and Surprise!



I have been binge watching mukbangs. What are they? Go to YouTube and search. They’re eating channels, with a twist. I watch mainly for the different types of food. I’ve been watching those from Korea because I like to see what types of foods there are (I love Korean food). I sometimes read the comments, and boy, are there ignorant ones. There are also many rude comments, and very intolerant behaviour. Is it just YouTube culture in general? Or when you get some hate online, then it means you’ve made it?


I actually do wonder why those people feel the need to make negative comments on something so basic like eating. They’d complain about the way those people eat, the way they slurp their noodles and just making eating sounds in general. I might think it’s the mic that picks up on every single sound, but some people actually watch FOR those sounds. In some cultures, you slurp your noodles to compliment the chef. It’s not all of Asia, and I think it’s more of a Japanese / Korean culture. Some Chinese do it too. But it’s really a personal thing, because not everyone slurps and smack their lips, etc. Some find it rude, some find it OK.


What do you think of these rude comments? Or negative comments in general? I don’t mind it if those comments actually give constructive criticism in a polite way, but some are like “why do you smack your lips when you eat? That’s so disgusting!” My reaction is usually, don’t effing watch it then! Why do you need to leave a comment like that? Everything’s the same online isn’t it? If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Don’t watch it. It’s just the internet. Just go offline! I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m the sort of person who avoid confrontations. I don’t like to be offensive which I think is rude and those dudes use freedom of speech as an excuse for trolling.


How do you feel about this? LOL I’m on a mukbang kick because I’m weird like that. Honestly, I quite like those eating sounds, slurping and smacking, because they just make those food look so friggin delicious. HOWEVER (and this is a big disclosure), I teach my kids to eat quietly. I am a quiet eater myself. My father in law is a loud eater. And my husband eats quite fast.¬†They’re enjoying their food though, isn’t it what matters?


Would you tell your husband to change? In a quiet restaurant, I do remind him to eat slower and without any sound but when we’re in a Chinese restaurant where most people eat loudly anyway, and at home, he can do whatever he wants.


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