Review: Burberry Eye Colour Contour Pens (Almond, Pale Copper, Rosewood)

I love eye shadow sticks. They’re so convenient. And fast! My favourite so far is Laura Mercier Caviar Stick, followed by Bobbi Brown cream shadow sticks. By Terry ones, I find are WAY overpriced and the quality I find is inconsistent. Misty Rock underperforms compared to Brown Perfection, which is awesome. For the price, I only have 2 and I don’t think it’s worth the splurge. Overhyped in my opinion. Burberry ones are still new, but let me tell you, they are great! Reasonably priced too when you get it from their official website. They deliver worldwide, FREE shipping with no minimum amount spent! And I don’t think it’s a free shipping promo either. I bought a couple from Sephora because I didn’t know about Burberry’s website (Stupid!!) and Sephora sells this for RM145 each while Burberry sells it for only RM95. Talk about being ripped off! And the little package from Burberry comes beautifully boxed.






I sound a bit bitter, but dudes, for the price of 2 (at Sephora), I could buy 3 from Burberry! WTF!!!!!!!!!! OK, rant over. A lesson learned, go do extensive research before purchasing! So back to these pens. They are quite hefty but not so heavy it tires out your hands. The pens are also color coded – good intention but doesn’t really work. The pens are housed in dark metal, with black letterings and the color stripe isn’t that obvious either. I have to look for the name printed on the pen anyway, and it’s not easy to locate the name because everything is so subtle!



Burberry eye colour contour pens



See? The stripes look similar don’t they? And trust me. My eyesight isn’t that bad either. I bought Almond, Pale Copper and Rosewood. Almond is a cool ashy taupe and if your skin tone is right, you might even use it to contour. It’s matte but isn’t dry. Pale Copper is beautiful! Just like the name, it’s a light copper with shimmery golden tones. Rosewood is more purple, and the shimmer is more muted and a little deeper.



sticks swatches



They last on my unprimed lids for as long as I wore them! The longest was 8 hours. No fading or creasing. They’re amazing! I’m planning to get Midnight Brown next. That’s the only other shade I’m interested in so far. That’ll be 4 in total already. This is how they look when worn alone on my eyes.



eye look Almond look



See that they look quite natural on the lids? They are pigmented, that’s for sure, but I think Burberry eye shadows are mostly like that. They just look very natural on the lids and I love that. Other than the packaging that makes me think I’m blind, I have nothing to complain about. (NOT you, Sephora!). Shipping from Burberry is from the UK, and it took them about 4 working days to reach me. Everything is well wrapped and intact. Super!

Have you tried these?


Edit 18 Jan 2017: It’s barely 9 months and the eye shadow sticks have died. They dried up and shrunk and when I try to use them, they get flaky. The quickest to dry up was Almond. Rosewood is also dead. Pale Copper is still OK but I’m not expecting much. I bought Midnight Brown in May last year, and that too has died. I am very disappointed, and even more so because I loved these so much. I thought maybe it’s only the tip. I chopped off an inch and it’s still the same. It’s so dry, when I swatch it on my arm, the colours don’t even show much. It dragged on my skin and the pen left flakes so I threw them out. I’m very sad *sob*



xoxo Lily