Sunday Stash Shopping #66: Bobbi Brown Lips

I went a little nuts lately. What am I talking about? I’m always nuts. Then again, what’s normal? Ah, certainly not buying a bunch of new lipsticks but hey, I’m a blogger. That’s my excuse anyway. These are a few Bobbi Brown ones that I purchased (yes, there’s more) and I’m just so in love with her Art Sticks. If you have dry lips, then you can skip these. Unless you’re willing to prep your lips with lip balm. However, there’s another option for you at the end of this post if you’re interested.

Back to these Art Sticks. I love that the colours offered are more bold, but I also like my neutrals / nudes for every day wear. I chose 3 which are quite different, and I’m happy with my selection. Actually, I bought Dusty Pink and Rose Brown first, then my husband bought Cassis as a gift for me. I like lipstick pens because they offer precision when I want, without having to use a separate liner. I’m eyeing Bare (limited edition) and Brown Berry but I’m talking myself out of it. For the looks below, here are the products I used.



products used



I used the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Cushion Compact as a base. Review will be up in the next 2 days. On my eyes, I used her cream shadow stick in Golden Bronze, and finished off with the Smokey Eyes Mascara. The cream shadow stays put on my lids even without a primer. The mascara is dry enough that it loads pigment on my lashes while separating them without clumping, at all! It volumises as well but does not lengthen. Here are the looks, with different lip colors.






On my cheeks, I used Dusty Pink as blush. I make a few dots on my cheeks then blend it out using my fingers. Instead of sweeping it and moving the foundation, I just blend using patting motion. Works well. Rose Brown is a shade that’s more ‘trendy’, and another way to wear brown with a hint of rose. Dusty Pink is a warm pink that looks youthful and Cassis is a warm red with brown undertone that does not look aging. These Art Sticks last through drinks but I always wipe them off and reapply after a meal.

I actually have the swatches of all the Art Sticks for you (thanks ML!) in case you’re interested.



Bobbi Brown Art Sticks - swatches (1)

L to R: Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Bright Raspberry, Harlow Red, Cassis, Dusty Pink, Cherrywood, Electric Pink, Sunset Orange & Rose Brown


Doesn’t Sunset Orange look ridiculously beautiful?

Now if you have drier lips, you might want to try the new Nourishing Lip Color. This is a PR sample, and will be available May 2016 onwards. Let me tell you, it’s like a lip balm. It goes on quite thick and balmy, but after a while, it just feels really comfortable on my lips. After I remove it to reapply, my lips actually feel softer, I kid you not!






In fact, this is actually a solid lip oil formulated with olive oil complex, avocado, babassu, jojoba and cocoa seed butter. If that’s not enough, it’s loaded with Vitamins C and E to seal in moisture for soft kissable lips. I am sold! The color I’m wearing is Blush which is very natural and sheer. There are 20 shades for you to choose from, so go crazy.



lip and nail



Erm, also, my nails. I dot these myself (so proud)! I SUCK at painting my nails so I was so chuffed playing with these.


So yeah, I’d better stop before more “oh yeah btw…” because I tend to do that. What kind of lipsticks do you like? What kind of finish do you prefer? I like my variety, but if the lipsticks are too drying, I’d avoid. You?



xoxo Lily




  • They all look gorgeous on you Lily. I stopped by a counter the other day to look at the Nourishing Lip Color… oh dear… I think there was this problem that they were under these strong hot lights, and they were all like melted and swatched on as very very heavy oily wax. It looked nothing like your lovely pic here. I’ll try and find another counter and see if they have the testers there under more normal conditions, because the description is just how I like my lipsticks, nourishing and a bit shiny.

    • Lily

      Thanks Sofia and OMG! Didn’t they do anything about the testers? That seems pretty eeky to me. QC fail. Hahaha!

      • Yes, big fail! I adore Bobbi Brown products and couldn’t believe they could launch such melted gooey clumpy lipsticks, so I was certain it was that spotlight just on top of them!

        • Lily

          The store manager might get an earful. Hahaha!

  • Liz

    I’m all over Cassis although Dusty Pink is super pretty for spring!

    • Lily

      I think all 3 will look great on you!

  • Lily

    Oh no! I keep mine high up so Ashton can’t reach but yes, I can see how that would happen. My girls know NOT to touch my things, but that doesn’t stop them from playing with my brushes which they say “they’re so soft and comfortable, mommy”. Hahaha!

  • Lily

    Dusty Rose is beautiful indeed!