April Empties and Updates

Sooooooo….. I wanted to post this on the last day of April, but life got in the way. It’s been like that for a while now, ever since Ashton is born. It’s a perfectly valid excuse! I mean, I try to keep up with at least 1 post a week, at best 3 posts, but you know how it goes. I have been however, LOVING your comments in my last fitness update post. I thought I was suffering and feeling guilty all alone, and then hey, I turned out to be as normal as everyone else. So my friends, WE are not as alone as you might think. If I just kept quiet, I wouldn’t know. So thank you guys for sharing your side of the story too!

And you know, it gave me the strength to look at what I’ve been doing wrong. I tend to, erm, just let it slide and look forward, but in this case, I need to analyze what went wrong. And the only thing that I can say is, I lost control. I lost track of what I really wanted, and I gave in to my gluttony. I had too much to indulge, with the excuse of satisfying my cravings. But that’s not it. I think, in essence, I was bored. I was bored of staying at home and taking care of the little one that I just let everything go.

So I picked myself up, stopped feeling sorry for myself and started running. I haven’t ran outdoors for a while now, and I started with only 3km yesterday morning. I aim to practise some yoga later today (Yoga with Adrienne is awesome!) and tomorrow, I plan to run 4km. I just have to wake up earlier. I also reduced my food intake and will firstly reduce carb intake because my body is quite sensitive to it. I’ll keep this up for another couple of months, and will do another update.

On the beauty front, I used up stuff. I thought monthly empties mean less things to show, but apparently not.



empty skincare empty makeup



Skincare, self explanatory unless there’s something you want me to talk about. Makeup wise, I used up the eye liner I wanted to get rid of so yay! The Bobbi Brown mascara is really good, but I prefer the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir. The Maybelline one is crap. Dior lash maximizer is great at making crappy mascaras look good, but I’ve decided to just buy better mascaras even though they’re expensive. The Clinique shadow primer performs really well too but it’s been in my stash for quite long now, so it’s time to say goodbye.

How was your April?



xoxo Lily