Monthend Randomness

Ah today is the 31st already and I thought I’d put up another post to make it an even 10 for this month. Yeah, just a meagre 10 posts for May >_< I wanted to show you the products I used up, as I usually do every end of the month, but it’s already the evening now, and I didn’t take any photos. I guess I’ll just take one tomorrow morning and show you another day πŸ™‚ Didn’t use up many, but they’re big bottles!






My dad was in the hospital for a few days recently, for an operation to remove the steel plates in his leg and arm. He had a major accident a few years ago, and I nearly lost him. He broke more than 20 bones in his body, and it took a very long time for him to heal. I feel like I talked about this before. Anyway, his bones healed and apparently the screws started poking his flesh and he’s been in pain. The good news is, his surgery went well, and unlike the last time, he can walk after the surgery now. Right after the accident, he was bedridden for 6 months and it took a toll on his soul. My mom lost a bunch of weight taking care of him, and he got to a point so low that he wish he was dead because he didn’t want to burden anyone. We’re way past that now, and everything’s peachy πŸ™‚Β He’s resting at home after 4 days in the hospital, and other than waiting for the wound to heal, he’s OK.

It’s school holidays for 2 weeks, so it’s been really noisy having all 3 kids at home. One good thing is I have babysitters, but they’re not willing babysitters. LOL! In a few more years, I think they’ll be going out with friends instead of staying at home. Kids grow up fast. So does my hair. I’m debating whether or not to cut my hair. I can tie it up when I’m at the gym now, and it’s so hot, I just want to tie it up all the time. But I also like to wash my hair every day so it’s more convenient having my hair short. Not to mention my hair is thinning. My hair doesn’t fall like crazy, but I don’t get new hair growth either. And that SUCKS! I want thick luscious hair but I have fine limp ones. Any tips for sustainable new hair growth is appreciated.


I will be sharing some new skincare and makeup discoveries soon, so stay tuned. I don’t want to ramble too much, so I’ll try to keep this short. I hope this month has been great for you. What have you been up to?



xoxo Lily



  • Oh wow, your poor father! I’m glad he survived through all that and I’m glad he’s healed up enough to get rid of those plates. He’s a strong soul and a survivor. I know what you mean about hair-mine is SO SO long now, and I wear it up all the time too. I thought I’d do some cool hairstyles when I’d have long hair, but LOL I can’t! How do people do things to their hair when you can’t see back there? I’m so uncoordinated haha!

    • Lily

      He’s a tough cookie! I’m hopeless with hair. I’d just pull it in a pony tail, or when it gets longer, it’ll probably in a high bun all the time. I think I’m gonna have to cut it again. So much easier, isn’t it?

  • Liz

    Glad to hear your dad is on the mend! <3

    As for hair, I had to chop it for the summer and wish I had gone shorter. Otherwise I'd just keep putting it up in the ugliest and easiest way possible. I think you look great with the bobs, so I say keep them!

    • Lily

      Thanks Liz. Yes, I think I’ll just stick with the bob. Easier to manage, that’s for sure!

  • I used to have crew cut hair, like the army did when I was younger and I absolutely loved it! But receeding hairline with age makes me want to keep it longer and as bushy as it is…

    • Lily

      My hair has never been bushy so good for you πŸ™‚ Mine has always been fine and dead straight. So straight, people asked if I did rebonding to my hair. Hahaha!

  • Oh gosh, I am so sorry to learn about your dad’s accident, it must have been a hard time for all of you but it’s good that he’s recovering well now. My dad suffered mini stroke few years back which left his whole left side paralyze. It took him a long time to recover, lots of physiotherapy so I know who tough the journey of recovery can be not only on them but on the love ones as well.

    I’ll be following the tips and tricks on hair growth, mine is thinning as well…sigh. And about short or longer hair, well, it’s quite the dilemma. If you enjoy experimenting with hair styles then mage longer would do you good but for practicality then chop it off. LOL!

    • Lily

      I’m sorry to hear about your dad Shireen. It is hard for everyone. And about the hair, I think I’ll just go back to bob. Less hassle πŸ™‚

  • Shu Ting

    Hello Lily! I am so happy to hear that your dad’s operation went well. And I know how you must have felt when he had the accident many years ago. I too nearly lost my daddy last year due to serious virus infection. He has Diabetes Type II and because he didn’t take care of himself well, his immune was very poor. So when he unfortunately was infected with bacteria / virus it was a big deal. Now he’s got better, he exercised every morning and we learn more about diabetes esp. how to control blood sugar. Anyway, my point is, I was TERRIFIED!! The event is engraved in my memory like it happened only yesterday.

    That aside, your post seems like you’re writing my life story!!!! REALLY!! This week I had the impulse to just chop it off like Ann Hathaway / Ginnifer Goodwin pixie short because it is just too. bloody. HOT!!! I think I lost some hair after giving birth, especially at the corner of the forehead. So tying up my long fringe make it even more obvious… sigh… Have you heard of those old wives remedy about rubbing some XO on thinning hair helps hair growth? I haven’t tried it as I don’t want my baby to get drink smelling it! HEHEHE

    Wishing you a fruitful month ahead! πŸ˜€

    • Lily

      Hey Shu Ting, it’s terrifying when something horrible happens to your family members. I mean, we empathize when something bad happens to others, but when it hits home, the magnitude of it is unimaginable. I hope life is treating you well with the new addition to your family. I can never rock pixie cut – not enough hair. LOL!

  • I hope your dad is doing well post op, especially after such a tough few years after the accident. My dad was rushed to hospital yesterday, after being delicate for a while. After some tests it looks like its easily fixed, though still some more tests to be performed!

    • Lily

      Hey Sofia, sorry to hear about you dad. Is he better? It’s heartbreaking when something happens to your daddy. Dads are supposed to be superhumans who don’t get ill. I hope he’s much better now!

      • Hey Lily, he is much better now. By the way I just got back from being one and a half weeks away, and there is a paper telling me to go pick something up from the post office πŸ˜‰ I will do so this afternoon!

        • Lily

          That’s great to know about your dad, Sofia! And I hope it’s that little parcel I sent over. Do let me know πŸ™‚

  • Hey Lily, I hope your dad’s surgical wounds heal fast! Glad he’s so much better now than before. And gosh, kids!! LOL!! You really made me smile jumping so seamlessly from 1 topic to another there, but it’s Juune already!!

    • Lily

      I tend to jump from one topic to another because I type whatever I’m thinking, without planning or editing. Hahahahaha! I’m lazy like that. My dad is much better now, thank you. He’s been to the doctor twice to check on his wound and he’s healing well. I know, it’s June already, it’s crazy! I think back, and all I did was helping the little one grow up. Didn’t feel like much but I should be proud, right?

  • I’m sorry to hear about your dad’s health, but it’s great that he’s recovering well from the surgery!

    You know my feelings about hair, lOL. The shorter, the better πŸ˜›

    • Lily

      LOL wish I could rock a pixie but I don’t have a slender neck to show for. I need to take my kids to my parents’ so I could go get my hair cut!