Monthend Randomness

Ah today is the 31st already and I thought I’d put up another post to make it an even 10 for this month. Yeah, just a meagre 10 posts for May >_< I wanted to show you the products I used up, as I usually do every end of the month, but it’s already the evening now, and I didn’t take any photos. I guess I’ll just take one tomorrow morning and show you another day πŸ™‚ Didn’t use up many, but they’re big bottles!






My dad was in the hospital for a few days recently, for an operation to remove the steel plates in his leg and arm. He had a major accident a few years ago, and I nearly lost him. He broke more than 20 bones in his body, and it took a very long time for him to heal. I feel like I talked about this before. Anyway, his bones healed and apparently the screws started poking his flesh and he’s been in pain. The good news is, his surgery went well, and unlike the last time, he can walk after the surgery now. Right after the accident, he was bedridden for 6 months and it took a toll on his soul. My mom lost a bunch of weight taking care of him, and he got to a point so low that he wish he was dead because he didn’t want to burden anyone. We’re way past that now, and everything’s peachy πŸ™‚Β He’s resting at home after 4 days in the hospital, and other than waiting for the wound to heal, he’s OK.

It’s school holidays for 2 weeks, so it’s been really noisy having all 3 kids at home. One good thing is I have babysitters, but they’re not willing babysitters. LOL! In a few more years, I think they’ll be going out with friends instead of staying at home. Kids grow up fast. So does my hair. I’m debating whether or not to cut my hair. I can tie it up when I’m at the gym now, and it’s so hot, I just want to tie it up all the time. But I also like to wash my hair every day so it’s more convenient having my hair short. Not to mention my hair is thinning. My hair doesn’t fall like crazy, but I don’t get new hair growth either. And that SUCKS! I want thick luscious hair but I have fine limp ones. Any tips for sustainable new hair growth is appreciated.


I will be sharing some new skincare and makeup discoveries soon, so stay tuned. I don’t want to ramble too much, so I’ll try to keep this short. I hope this month has been great for you. What have you been up to?



xoxo Lily