Review: Dior Backstage Pros Eye Reviver Palette 002

Well, Dior Backstage Pros Eye Reviver Palette now has a 002 (RM260) version. Last year about this time, I posted about the 001. It’s more neutral, and I did mention the palette needed more contrast to the shades provided. I think that was one of the major concerns by the majority – well, from the reviews I read anyway. This time round, they introduced something a little more interesting. The concept is still the same. It is supposed to illuminate the eyes by providing a beautiful sheen to the shadows, with 5 powders and 1 cream liner.



Dior Eye Reviver Palette 002 Dior Eye Reviver 002



The light beige shadow on the far left of the palette is supposed to be used all over the lid to even out the lid space. The other 4 eye shadows can be used on their own of course, but the light pink, for me, is good for highlighting under the brows and inner corners of the eyes. I love the medium to dark eye shadows in the middle of this palette. They have a satin finish with slight sheen, and there is enough contrast to shade and define the eyes.



Dior Eye Reviver closeup swatches



As you can see in the swatch above, we have the light beige as base, a light pink for highlight (both are matte) and 3 beautiful shades that are beautiful as a single lid colour. One looks like rose gold against my skin. It can also be very light rose copper, I can’t put my finger on it. Then there’s the olive shade with warm golden undertones. Lastly, a dark brown with red undertones and less sheen. The cream liner is a dark brown which isn’t as stark as a black. Quality wise, they are buttery and soft. Due to the softness, it does kick up some powder so I’d be sure to tap off the excess from my brush before applying. I find that if I apply with my fingers, I get much more pigment so if you like your eye shadow to be opaque, then use your fingers.

The swatches above are done with fingers by the way. Just ONE swipe on dry unprimed skin. I will show you how it looks on me in another post. I want to do a few different looks, and time hasn’t been on my side lately (hence the once a week post!).

I didn’t really like the Dior Summer Collection eye palettes, a little underwhelming unless you’re a completely new makeup fiend. If you’re still new and exploring, then yes, I think it’s a good basic palette. But for those of you who are like me, and have quite a few palettes, or have experienced the greatness Dior can achieve with their eye palettes a few years back, you might be a little disappointed. However, this one redeemed it.

Have you tried this?



xoxo Lily



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