Review: Foreo Luna Mini 2 – Petal Pink

The Foreo Luna Mini 2 (RM659) was sent to me a while back, and I’ve had a few months to play with it. I’ve been using Clarisonic Plus for a while now, something I bought a few years back from Sephora and it has served me well. I think many want to know what the difference is, so I’ll talk a little about that too. I found that there are many in depth reviews about the Luna Mini 2 out there, so I won’t talk too much about the technicalities of it. I mean, I really can’t do any better than the manual (you can read it here) which has all that you need to know.






To sum things up about this device, it is a very portable lightweight cleansing tool that you only need to charge once, for a good 300 usages. For me, that’s a year’s worth of use. No replacement of brush head needed because erm, no brush head is used and hence, no costly spending every few months. I’m looking at you Clarisonic. One brush head costs more than RM100 so if I replace the brush every 3 months, that’ll be more than RM400 a year just to maintain you. Not happy.

You charge the Foreo Luna Mini 2 through a USB port. I didn’t read the instructions prior to using and was scratching my head – if I wet this thing to cleanse my face, won’t it get into the port? Then, I read the manual and ah, this thing is waterproof.



Foreo mini luna handheld Foreo back



You press the button in the middle (photo below) and change the setting of the pulse by pressing the – or + sign. So if it’s too strong for you, press – and if you want it stronger, press +. I think that’s easy to understand, yeah?



Foreo control



There are also 3 cleansing zones on this Luna Mini 2. On this flat side, you have the smaller sized silicones which is called the “general cleansing zone”. That’s for mostly everyone, and I use it all over my face. The little part you see at the tip here is called the “precision cleansing zone” and I use it to clean the sides of my nose, those small crevices that can’t be reached.



Foreo mini luna flat side



At the back, where the silicone beads / teeth are bigger and harder, is the “deep cleansing zone”. It’s for those with oily skin, or for me, I use it on my T zone and on my chin because it’s supposed to unblock pores.



Foreo mini luna side profile Foreo mini luna curved side



Performance wise, I’d say this is very much gentler than Clarisonic. I use the sensitive brush head, and it FEELS much more abrasive than this Luna. Not that the Clarisonic is abrasive to begin with. It’s just that this Foreo Luna Mini 2 is very gentle. If you tried the Clarisonic before, and it broke you out, or your face got red, and you still wanted to use a cleansing device to clean your face, then this is a safe bet. I remember buying the Clarisonic Plus for more than RM800 so this is definitely more affordable too. That was about 5 years ago, and the Plus might be discontinued? I’m not sure, but I don’t see it on the Sephora website. I used to use the Clarisonic very regularly, but now I only use it a few days every month to exfoliate. I used this Foreo Luna Mini 2 every day and evening for a month, and it did not break me out nor did I see any sensitivity on my skin. HOWEVER, bear in mind that my skin can take the Clarisonic without averse reaction either.

On another note, I don’t know how well this device cleanses, because it feels so gentle, my mind tells me it’s not doing much. For the Clarisonic, I can feel the brush working and after cleansing, my face looks brighter, but with this, I couldn’t tell. Perhaps I have thicker skin (pun intended!) so a gentle rub won’t do. HAHAHA!

Have you tried this? Do you like it? I really want to know YOUR opinion if you have. Do you use any tool to cleanse your face? I do feel that these devices assist in a deeper cleanse, but whether or not you NEED it is very subjective. I saw somewhere that Clarisonic has a new device! I don’t see it here locally yet, and it’s not on Sephora’s website either, but that’ll be interesting to compare against my Clarisonic Plus. And FYI, even though the Clarisonic Plus works on the body, I hardly use that function. Why? One use and I’d have to recharge the damn thing. Probably because there’s a lot of surface to cover, given my size, but meh. I’ll use a bathing brush and scrub myself đŸ˜€ Also, that thing is heavy! I won’t take it to travel with me that’s for sure.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments OK? I want to know!



xoxo Lily



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