Review: La Mer Genaissance De La Mer The Serum Essence

I did not buy this serum. And let me just put it out there, that even if this serum works fantastically, I will not be able to afford this serum. Rather, given my budget and lifestyle, I will not pay RM2,415 for a 30ml serum. I just can’t bring myself to! That is probably why I’ve been sitting on this review for so long. How do I review something without being biased due to the price? And by that, I mean, the asking price is very high for me, and for that price, I expect a lot. And because of my very high expectations, will I do injustice to this product if it doesn’t give me a miracle?


All the La Mer products I have tried so far have not disappointed me at all. When I received this serum, let me honestly tell you that I was awe-struck and thankful. Then, I was conflicted. This is like the super serum, an age transcending serum essence that turns back time.



La Mer Gennaisance



The Crystal Miracle Broth is made in extremely small batches, handcrafted and infused with refined 24k gold. When you combine the time needed to create one small batch of this potent serum with 24k gold and state of the art technology, and of course the name La Mer, you get the Gennaisance serum essence.

This serum essence addresses virtually all signs of aging. And this is where I raised an eye brow. ALL SIGNS? Lines and wrinkles softened, skin is plumped, complexion looks more even, lustrous, pores are refined. Natural collagen and elastin production enhanced for a look of firmness and resilience. SERIOUSLY? It’s Fountain of Youth in a bottle then! And no, I’m not being sarcastic. If it did everything here, then I’m sure someone out there will pay for the results.



la mer le serum



I have used it on and off for the last 3 months. I had bouts of hormonal breakouts, and another phase of super dry skin. I had to make sure it has nothing to do with this serum, so I went off it and went on it again. I have been using it religiously, every morning and night for at least 2 weeks now, and it’s safe to say my skin is not reacting adversely to this serum. In fact, it has helped clear my skin.



La Mer Gennaisance dropper




While the pores on my face remain as visible, I do notice that my skin looks more plump and even. Previous breakout marks are gone, and I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I think my nose has less blackheads. I don’t think I looked any younger, but hey I might if I used a few bottles of this (which I can’t afford). Does this serum do all that it promises? My skin does look smoother, that’s for sure. I don’t have visible lines and wrinkles to start off with (and let’s remain that way for a loooooong time) but overall, my skin does look softer, as if photoshopped in a way.

Did I need it? At 38 and with my skin condition, no I didn’t. However, it was a privilege to try a RM2,415 24k gold infused serum. Did it knock my socks off? No. I was expecting much much more. Like overnight transformation to translucent poreless skin. LOL!






How much are you willing to spend on skincare? Let’s just say it does whatever you wish it to, YOUR personalised fountain of youth. Would you put a price to it?



xoxo Lily



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  • I adore you’re honesty. I can absolutely understand where your coming from – recommending a product for such a high price, that you wouldn’t purchase yourself and expecting miracles! I also take months going back and fourth with a product – I want to make sure. Sounds like you had great results though! xoxo

    • Lily

      Great results of course! But I also experienced great result from using May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon and I still haven’t purchased a full sized tub yet. I am 70% ready… waiting for August, my birthday month. I’m dropping a big hint to the mister. LOL!

  • Thanks for this very honest review, Lily. I have this problem too with obnoxiously expensive products…. but i have bought a $750 serum for myself once, so i guess the bar gets higher. I’ve been trying out small samples of this, but for some reason my skin does not seem to take to it so well. And i sighed in relief tbh…. i really do not need to be hooked on something so expensive!!

    • Lily

      LOL sometimes I feel that way too. If it breaks me out, I have a valid reason for not liking it. But now, the main reason is really the $$ 🙂

  • Lol I would expect miracles too for that price! It’s such a gorgeous product though and I think a lot of it is the experience and idea of slathering oneself in such crazy ingredients. Hey if you can afford it then why not lol

    • Lily

      Of course! If you can afford it, and if you want to try it, hey, by all means, go ahead. It’s a decent product!

  • I looked in google to see how much RM is in Euros,… Whoa! Of course I would never buy this for myself but I did read every single word of your post to see if indeed this produced miracles and I love your honesty about it. It sounds like the results are great but nothing short of miraculous or lesser than what my beloved oils are doing for me now. xx

    • Lily

      Well put Sofia. What I’m using delivers similar results anyway. I mean, it might take a longer time compared to this serum, but I have the time. No hurry 🙂

  • Thank you for an honest review, Lily. I personally think skincare should be an investment but this is way out of my price range, actually I think this is way out of majority’s price range. 🙁

    • Lily

      You’re right, Shireen. I mean, La Mer is niche anyway. But if I was 50, I think I’d appreciate this serum much more!

  • Skincare is getting so expensive now. But these high brands were always expensive. I don’t like when they make ridiculous claims like turning genes on and off like the one I reviewed. La Mer is one of those brands I sometimes wish I could afford sometimes, but then again I get great results from products that are like 1/3 of the price! So while I agree skincare should be an investment, I think it’s prudent to do your research before spending on something that is outrageously priced.

    • Lily

      Everything is getting expensive, Tracy. Here, even fresh food like vegetables are getting expensive. It’s ridiculous! This one doesn’t turn your genes (ahem Lancome!) but it claims to rid of ALL signs of ageing. Hahahaha! Yeah, I think a cocktail of your favourite Deciem will do the trick nicely 🙂

  • At a La Mer price point you just expect miracles. But we all know those don’t exist, so no, I’d never spend this kind of money on a product. But if you receive it as a gift or for review, heyyy, great news! 🙂

  • Lily

    Hi Jeann, with PR samples like this come great responsibilities. LOL! I’m not a blogger who does launch announcements, nor am I an advertising platform. I mainly write reviews, honest opinions based on personal experiences, and because of this, this review is one of the hardest I had to write – and that is BECAUSE of the price point.
    That said, the folks at La Mer are one of the best and most professional I’ve worked with, so I’m comfortable with this. If I’m expected to gush over a product because it’s expensive, I would have returned it 🙂
    Also, yes, there are plenty of products out that work well. It just takes a combination of serums to achieve similar results but perhaps in a longer time span!