Sunday Stash Shopping #67: Recent lipstick haul

So I went crazy a couple of months ago. There’s a reason I’m a Lipstick Bandit, but I’ve been pretty good at not buying anything… and then BAM!! This is what happened. And these are not all of it.



lipstick haul



And you’d know I got out of my mind when you saw 2 MAC lipsticks here. I didn’t buy anything from MAC for about 5 years, and I remember not liking their lipsticks because they’re drying, but here you are. Not one but TWO new MAC lipsticks in shades that are totally hyped up – Twig and Velvet Teddy. I quite like Twig, but undecided about Velvet Teddy. Growing on me, but they’re STILL as dry as I could remember. The Marc Jacobs lipsticks are NICE! I love the nude ones for their lightweight and sheer texture, but their cream ones are so creamy and comfortable!! I wish they had more every day lighter neutral shades. Most of them are quite bold. And finally, I found NARS Charlotte. It’s been out of stock for ages, and it’s finally mine!



lipstick haul lineup swatches


look MAC



There’s an obvious theme here, don’t you think? Charlotte seems to be the odd one out. I’ve been on a wearable lip colour kick lately. I realize I have lots of darks, vamps and brights, but just not enough of every day nude-ish, super easy to wear shades. I wear those shades most often anyway. Which one here do you like most? And what’s your every day go to shade? I’ll show you how the Marc Jacobs look on me in another post. For the MAC lipsticks, which one do you think look better? Twig or Velvet Teddy? Boy they suck up all moisture out of my lips!



xoxo Lily



  • I too have read a lot about both Twig and Velvet Teddy but never picked them up mainly because I’ve only seen them on Western bloggers so I’m not sure if both will look good on Asian skin tone. I love Twig on you but I can see why you’re undecided about Velvet Teddy. I’ll pick up Twig for sure but will skip Velvet Teddy because I believe it’ll be too pale on me.

    • Lily

      Twig is a pretty colour but so so so dry. Much drier than Velvet Teddy, and Twig is supposed to be satin while Velvet Teddy matte. I can’t wear them without a lip balm underneath. If these colours are available in those Marc Jacobs lipstick formula, I’d get them in a heartbeat and toss these away!

  • I’m with you on being on the neutral kick! I just can’t get enough of these kinds of shares. Both Twig and Teddy look pretty but I like Twig a little more as it’s more pink.

    • Lily

      Thanks MizzJ. I think Velvet Teddy looks like it washes me out in the photos… but in real life, I look less like a zombie. LOL!

  • LOL, I don’t find MAC lipsticks as drying as you do(especially the mattes, I kind of like them), but to be honest I don’t hardly wear them…I wear the newer ones like the Huggable-those are so comfy! You should look at those, you’d like them way more. Like you my purchases have been mainly lipsticks as well-they’re just a no brainer makeup item for me!

    • Lily

      It’s so easy to buy lipsticks right? Hahahaha! I realize that for every day wear, and for something I’d like reapplying, I gear towards sheerer lipsticks. Dior Addicts are great, and the Marc Jacobs Nude are awesome too. Those Burberry kisses are nice – they’re all moisturizing and lightweight. I do wear creamier ones too but I don’t reapply as often. Weird?

  • BooBooNinja

    My vote’s for Twig.

    • Lily

      Seems to be a very popular choice!

  • I’ve only had a couple of MAC lipsticks and they were extremely drying, like cracked dessert floor, and I’ve stayed away from MAC lip anything ever since. I like how Twig looks. Me too, I realised the other day I have lots of brights and not enough nudes!

    • Lily

      Right? Without a lip balm, my lips kinda just shrivel up and look like very dry raisins. Bright and bold lipsticks are so tempting though… but I have to be honest. I don’t wear them often. So, I shall only buy easy neutral lipsticks from now on. I have enough bolds and brights to last me …. until they go bad… because I know I will never use them up!

  • Great haul! Haha I love seeing haul posts, makes me feel better I’m not alone in buying so much makeup lol. I like Twig on you! My lips are terribly dry so I’ve never tried any MAC lipsticks as I bet I wouldn’t like them

    • Lily

      Hahaha I receive a lot of stuff for free, but I still spend on things I really like! Oh, if you have dry lips, forget about these lipsticks. They’ll hurt you. LOL!

  • Jan S

    I love twig! But I find it too drying as well. Recently I picked up Fast Play which is more moist. It’s a tad pinker than Twig though. I’m a big fan of brownish pink lipsticks which seem to suit me best.

    • Lily

      I love brownish pink lipsticks too! I think it goes well against our skin tone, without looking too Barbie like. Less jarring. Cool pinks seem to clash against my warmer skin tone. As of now, I’m confused if I have extremely yellow undertones, or if I have fair olive undertones. Either way, brownish pink, or beige pink works well.

  • I approve of ALL these shades! 🙂 Twig and Velvet Teddy are both super pretty.

    • Lily

      Thanks Melissa!

  • Yes, all of these shades look gorgeous on you! I’ve been feeling more nudey/ mauve shades too for about a year now, but have some many brighter shades in my stash that I want to use up… I have to say both MAC lippies look gorgeous on you, but I’m thinking they’d pull too brown on me. And looking at your swatch, I’m now super excited about Sephora’s Marc Jacobs birthday gift this year!

    • Lily

      My skin pulls out all the pinks, so if it looks beige on me, it’s usually more brown on others. Hahaha! I’m waiting for the new Marc Jacobs nude-ish shades to reach here. Can’t wait to swatch them!

  • I like both, but yeah, MAC lipsticks can be pretty dry. They make such great colors, though, and some of them are really classic! I wanted to like the Nude Marc Jacob lipsticks, but they felt really sticky when I switched them in store. Maybe not? LET ME KNOW, hahahaha.

    • Lily

      I don’t think the nude MJs are sticky at all! They’re actually very comfortable on the lips. Reminds me of Dior Addicts.

  • Hehehee Lipstick Bandit!! I love Twig on you!!

    • Lily

      After wearing them for a while, i decided i like both. The colour i mean. Not the texture. Omg it’s so drying!