Sunday Stash Shopping #67: Recent lipstick haul

So I went crazy a couple of months ago. There’s a reason I’m a Lipstick Bandit, but I’ve been pretty good at not buying anything… and then BAM!! This is what happened. And these are not all of it.



lipstick haul



And you’d know I got out of my mind when you saw 2 MAC lipsticks here. I didn’t buy anything from MAC for about 5 years, and I remember not liking their lipsticks because they’re drying, but here you are. Not one but TWO new MAC lipsticks in shades that are totally hyped up – Twig and Velvet Teddy. I quite like Twig, but undecided about Velvet Teddy. Growing on me, but they’re STILL as dry as I could remember. The Marc Jacobs lipsticks are NICE! I love the nude ones for their lightweight and sheer texture, but their cream ones are so creamy and comfortable!! I wish they had more every day lighter neutral shades. Most of them are quite bold. And finally, I found NARS¬†Charlotte. It’s been out of stock for ages, and it’s finally mine!



lipstick haul lineup swatches


look MAC



There’s an obvious theme here, don’t you think? Charlotte seems to be the odd one out. I’ve been on a wearable lip colour kick lately. I realize I have lots of darks, vamps and brights, but just not enough of every day nude-ish, super easy to wear shades. I wear those shades most often anyway. Which one here do you like most?¬†And what’s your every day go to shade? I’ll show you how the Marc Jacobs look on me in another post. For the MAC lipsticks, which one do you think look better? Twig or Velvet Teddy? Boy they suck up all moisture out of my lips!



xoxo Lily