Sunday Stash Shopping #68: Tom Ford Platinum

Do you have those times when you really want to do something, and even scheduled your time for it, and then when the time comes, you just don’t want to do it anyway? I’ve been experiencing lots of those times lately when it comes to blogging. I think there’s a word for it too. Ah yes. Procrastinating. LOL! However, today, I kicked myself in the butt to take some photos, edit and write, all in the time span of less than an hour. You might be able to detect it in the way I write, or maybe not 😉

I finally got my Anna and Lily box from Cult Beauty! I was actually keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve had very bad experiences with our customs and now, every time I buy anything online (shipped from overseas), I know I’m taking a risk. So far so good though. I’m going to take a break from purchases for a few months starting from now, just because.



anna and lily cult beauty box inside Cult Beauty Anna and Lily Box



I’ve been wanting to try the Pixi mist and Luna for the longest time, so I’m happy these are in the box. I love the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and don’t mind this extra bottle as backup. I’ve also been curious about the Becca Backlight Priming Filter, and I like that this and the Luna are deluxe sample sizes. If I really like them, then I can purchase the full size. I don’t mind a liquid liner since I’ve run out, and it’s also time to get myself another brush. The YingYu jade roller is something new, but a friend swears by it, so I don’t mind. In all, this box is pretty awesome for the price. I’ll talk more about the individual products after I’ve given them a proper go.

A dear friend helped me pick up Tom Ford cream shadow in Platinum from Singapore. I absolutely loved Naked Bronze from last year’s summer collection, so I thought Platinum might be a good every day color. It’s actually very similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Marie Antoinette (one that I also have) but Platinum outperforms in every single way from longevity to ease of application even without a primer. Charlotte Tilbury was all sorts of disappointment because the reviews were so good and it slips and slides on me. Here’s how Platinum looks like on me.



look1 look2



Doesn’t it look like a very easy shade to wear? I’m also wearing MAC Tenderling blush and Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Ex Girlfriend lipstick. This shade is so easy to wear. I like that it’s very comfortable and it makes my lips look very healthy, and even a bit more pouty than usual. The shade is a pinky beige that’s just right for my complexion. I bought it from Sephora online and contemplated getting a backup, but nah. No more backups when it comes to makeup.

How’s your week been, my friends? Hope you’ve had a lovely week, and I hope to write more – if I can defeat the procrastinator, that is.



xoxo Lily