Bobbi Brown Beach Nudes Collection and Long Wear Eye Collection

Yes, 2 Bobbi Brown collections to show you side by side. I thought they’d go together anyway. Beach Nudes is obviously a Summer 2016 collection while the Long Wear Eye Collection is Spring 2016. Either way, where I live, it doesn’t really matter. It’s summer all year long! I think most of these colours are quite universal, and are suitable for all seasons so read on.



beach nudes



Beach Nudes Collection consist of eye palettes, bronzing powders and sheer lip colors. Don’t let the name fool you though. The lip colors are anything but sheer. They are creamy and have a little slip to them so they’re comfortable to wear. For this collection, I have the Sunkissed Eye Palette (RM186) in Sunkissed Nude to show you. I don’t have any of their bronzing powders, and truthfully, I hardly wear bronzers anyway. I have the new Boho Bronze sheer lip color as well and instead of being limited edition, it’s actually an extension to the existing family of lip colors.



Bobbi Brown Beach Nude beach nude swatch



The eye palette is a no brainer. There’s a matte ivory shade (Bone) that is great to highlight under the brow bone, or just as a base shade to even out the lid. There’s a peachy pink shimmer eye shadow (Pink Bellini) that’s purely glitter heaven. It’s meant as a “top coat” so it is supposed to be sheer and to be used on top of another eye shadow. At the bottom right corner we have a matte color which is a very dark brown that looks black (Smokey Brown). In the swatch above, it looks dry and it is much drier than the rest of the soft buttery eye shadows. This shade is meant to be used as a liner, and with a small smudge brush, I could use this shade to get into the roots of the lashes for a smoked out liner effect that lasts all day. If this texture is any softer, it would be fall out galore and panda eyes. So, I appreciate that this color is packed harder than the rest. With a softer blending brush, I could use it on the outer corners of my eyes for extra definition with no problem either. Lastly, there’s a beautiful rose gold shade, aptly named Rose Gold. On my skin, it pulls more pink and I wish it looks a little warmer, but my skin somehow pulls more pink in ALL the colors!

There are 2 other eye palettes, Sunkissed Pink and Sunkissed Gold. I think I’d really enjoy Sunkissed Gold and am thinking of picking it up.

Here’s the look that I put together. Very easy – Bone to highlight, Rose Gold all over my lid, Pink Bellini tapped on top of Rose Gold at the center of my lids and Smokey Brown as a liner. It’s a gorgeous every day look, paired with the Sheer Lip Color in Boho Bronze (RM93). It is quite a metallic shade, and is a modern take of the 90s brown. If I were younger, I think I’d be able to pull it off. At my erm, ripe age of 38, I think I’ll stick to satins, some non drying mattes, creams and sheers.



beach nude 1 beach nude 2



Now the Long Wear Eye Collection Spring 2016. I am most excited for the brow gel (RM83)! There are 8 shades to choose from, and here, I have Grey. I initially had trouble using this. I used my angle brushes and they never seem to be able to place the gel onto my brows properly. The brushes clump up for some reason and Grey just looked too light on me. So, I got Mahogany (I wanted to pay for it, but Bobbi Brown PR just sent it to me, thank you) and I bought the new dual ended brow definer / groomer brush (RM132). Hallelujah it worked like a dream! With this brush, Grey went on my brows with more pigment, and I could shape my brows beautifully, in the most natural way. This brush is stiff so it holds its shape even after being drowned in the brow gel. This is what makes the difference! I friggin LOVE IT! Mahogany is a little darker, but by no means unnatural. I use Grey at the front of my brows and Mahogany to define the ends. Result? Groomed and shapely brows that look so natural. Lasts all day and holds my brow hairs in place too. If there’s one thing you get, it’s the brow gel + brush as a pair. I think they’re like a married couple that can’t be separated. Together, they do amazing things to your brows.

There are also new shades of long wear cream shadow stick (RM103) being added, and the one I have here is Malted Pink. It goes on lighter than my lids, and I just use it as a base, before eye shadow – makes the eye shadow last the whole day without creasing or fading. Then, the long wear gel eye liner (RM93) which is a cult favourite. I can’t live without one of their blacks. Here, I have Wine Ink and Cypress Ink. There are 2 more limited edition shades in Bronze Shimmer Ink and Midnight Sky Ink which I don’t have. Below are the swatches.



Long Wear eye collection swatch

gel liner



Here you see the brow gel in action. Grey in front, or at the ‘head’ of the brow and Mahogany at the tail end. Without it, I have bald spots on my brows and of course, it’s not as full or defined. I am not a fan of those Instagram brows where you get straight lines of brows drawn on. I like my brows to be perfectly imperfect because that’s what brows are supposed to be. Heck, that’s who we are supposed to be. Our imperfections are the ones that make us individuals, the little flaws are the things that make us who we are. I know I am straying from the topic, but there have been so many horrible things that happen that we just need to love. So let’s start by loving ourselves. Let’s start by loving our own wonky features, fat round nose, lopsided brows and what have you. Only by loving ourselves will we learn to love others because love radiates from within.



brow gel



I digress.


And it’s been a very long post! I hope you enjoyed this post, a long review somewhat. And a little ramble at the end but moms tend to do that right? I’m a mom. And I’m an impulsive spender. Shall I get Sunkissed Gold? I LOVE the look of that palette! I’m not going to ask what you think of these 2 collections because I think you’ll tell me anyway, but guys, check out the brow gel + brow brush combo for super gorgeous brows. I love them so much I’m telling everyone!



xoxo Lily



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