Empties and New Discoveries

I’m pretty proud to have empties every month. There are a few basic skincare products, all reviewed, and also, I finished a lipstick! It sounds really ridiculous to be proud of myself for using up a lipstick, but ladies, it’s not easy. However, because I have done this now, my psychological barrier is broken and now I feel like it’s actually not so hard to use up a lipstick. You just have to use it day in day out for a few months. LOL! The La Mer serum didn’t last long, so that makes it even pricier. After using up all these skincare, I still feel the same about them as I reviewed before.



empties May 2016



I usually know what I like when it comes to makeup, and I know what my skin likes when it comes to skincare, so it came as a surprise that I discovered something new from samples! I got to try the Becca Backlight Priming Filter from the Anna and Lily Cult Beauty box, and it’s really good. It’s only a 6ml bottle, so I know it’ll be gone soon. I’m thinking of getting a full sized bottle. Yes, it’s that good. It is very lightweight, absorbs into the skin almost immediately while keeping the skin plump, and foundation stays on the skin longer WITHOUT sitting in the pores. Now, that is awesome.

Brands have been coming up with mists left right and centre. My PR samples prove that. They’re all from luxury brands, and the price point shows that. In the same Cult Beauty box I mentioned earlier, I got to try Pixi by Petra’s Hydrating Milky Mist. It’s affordable, and just as good! And that makes it the best. If it performs just as well, and is the most affordable, then isn’t it just the best? Needless to say, I will be repurchasing it.

I wanted to post this much earlier, but my kids decided to get sick at the same time. The girls are OK now, but Ashton still doesn’t have appetite and he’s very cranky and needy. I hope everything will go back to normal soon, including my blood pressure and my sleep! I hope you had a better week than I did 🙂



xoxo Lily




  • Congratulations on finishing a lipstick! I’ve never finished a full size one before, have only tossed due to getting too old. Hope your kids all get better soon the sleep deprivation is so tough as a mom

    • Lily

      Sleep deprivation is tough. And it’s stressful when kids don’t behave too. LOL! I toss out old lipsticks too, but it does feel good to actually use up one 🙂

  • I am still trying to finish one lipstick, it’s a huge struggle especially for me who likes to change my lips colour everyday. And yes, to Becca Backlight Primer Filter, it’s really good, eh? I’m glad I got the full size because I’ve been using it almost everyday. LOL!

    • Lily

      Yes, the Becca primer is awesome! I’m convinced I need a full sized one 🙂

  • Congrats on finishing a lipstick! That’s pretty awesome. I think I’m gonna try to make that a goal this year LOL. I’ve tried the Becca Primer and I agree it’s GOOD. I don’t wear foundation often enough to warrant a bottle, but if I did I totally would get it.

    • Lily

      Right? I first read all good things about it and thought, riiiight… there must be something crappy about it they’re not mentioning. But now that I’ve tried it, I agree, it’s really good! I think it’s a given I’m going to buy it.

  • The Becca Backlight Priming Filter sounds really promising!

    • Lily

      And that’s because it’s really good. I’m gonna buy a full sized bottle once I’m done with this sample.

  • I hope you’re feeling better and your kids too xx

    • Lily

      Much better thank you! I got some sleep in last night. Supposed to sleep early tonight, but didn’t happen. Hahaha! I’m still replying to comments.

  • Hope your kids are better!!!

    • Lily

      Yes much better. So much better that they have the energy to scream and fight!