Masks I’ve Been Using Lately

The title says it all, doesn’t it? For me, and for many of my friends, masks and serums play an important part of our skincare. We might skim on cleansers sometimes, and some of us might even skip toner altogether. From personal experience, a good cleanser does give you that extra mile but I’ve used some very basic cleansers too, and they’re ok as long as I mask regularly and use good serums. You might remember me complaining about my skin acting up a while ago. It got dry and bumpy, but thank goodness not angry. I minimized everything. Just used my tried and tested staple serum, lots of mists throughout the day and I used sheet masks every night. I could see my skin getting better after just 2 days. Took at least a week for the bumps to go away, and a little longer for the flakes to completely go away, but the most important thing is, there was improvement.



face masks



Back to masks. I make sure I have a few different ones to target different problems. I have a few leave on masks that are richer and for more mature skin but lately, I’ve only been targeting on basic things like deep cleansing and hydration. For deep cleansing, I use Estelle & Thild Biocleanse Deep Cleansing Detox Mask. I expected this to be in clay form, as most deep cleansing and detox masks are, but I was surprised this is actually in cream form. It goes on smoothly without drying out my skin, and as it dries, it doesn’t tug on my skin nor does it crack. I apply on cleansed face, before toner, because I have to wash it off anyway. I usually keep this on for 15 to 20 minutes. After this, I will then apply my toner or face mists.

I like to double mask because hey, why not. It’s nice to be able to replenish after some detoxing. I either use Bobbi Brown’s Skin Nourish Mask, or sheet masks. I purchase my sheet masks in bulk because I share with my mom. I go through brands from Taiwan and Korea, and so far, my favourite ones have to be from L’Herbaflore. It’s not pictured here because I ran out, but I repurchased and it just arrived today. It’s very pricey for a sheet mask, but there’s a very generous amount of essence in one pack, and I can use the extra for another mask.

Here, you see the odd one out from Boscia (you can purchase it at Sephora). First, it’s not Asian, and second, it’s a hydrogel mask – looks and feels like jelly. I’ve tried masks like this before, and they’re just too delicate for me. I always rip them. So, no more. The Korean sheet masks you see here are a gift from a dear friend, Sukie. I got to know her from blogging, and we’re now good friends in real life. If it’s difficult for you to get your hands on Asian sheet masks, she can help you. In fact, she sells these sheet masks on Carousell as well. I think it’s best you contact her through her Instagram page and tell her Lily sent you.

And there you have it. Some masks I’ve been using regularly lately. Why lately? It’s because I change up my routine once in a while, silly. LOL! What about you? Do you use face masks? Any favourites to share?



xoxo Lily



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