Review: By Terry Cellalurose Moisturizing CC Cream

I purchased this last year. The By Terry CC Cream is a color control multi tasking sheer tinted cream. And sheer it is. I don’t have the box anymore, so I don’t know what mumbo jumbo the brands says about this, but to me, this is more like a primer. I have the shade Nude, and it’s a pretty good match for light skin – about NC 20.



CC Cream By Terry By Terry CC Cream



I use 1 pump of this CC cream and it’s enough to cover my face. If I need to apply on my neck, I use another half a pump. As you can see here, the texture is quite liquid. CC creams to me are usually smooth and creamy, and some quite full of silicones, but this one feels a little grainy and is very fluid. It says to shake before using, and I did. When I shake it vigorously, it feels less grainy, but heck, it’s like giving someone a handjob. OK sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, but c’mon!



liquidy texture



While this CC Cream is lightweight, it is also very light in terms of coverage. It evens out my skintone and some of my redness, and that’s it. I would need to use a concealer for spots and dark circles. I even need to use concealer around my nose where it’s red. I can’t use this CC cream on its own because it doesn’t last 4 hours on me. By the 4th hour, the oils around my nose would have penetrated through and melted the CC cream. And hello, I have normal to dry skin. If you have oily skin, this CC cream doesn’t have a chance against your oil attack. Here’s the before after photo and a close up for your to see. The little pimple mark on my nose is still visible, and in the close up, you’d see some dry flakes that it picked up. In the “after photos”, I only have the CC cream on my face, nothing else.



before after close up



Basically, I use this CC cream as a primer. On top of this, I usually use powder foundation. If I’m out for only a short while, and if I’m particularly lazy that day, I can get away with not powdering. But is this CC cream worth the US$85 I paid for? No. I could have used the $ for something better, like skincare. Ah well, live and learn. Oh, also, it has a strong rose scent. If you don’t like it because it reminds you of grandma, then you probably won’t want to wear your grandma on your face. The scent lingers. For quite a while.

And this my friends, is my unedited review of the CC cream, which I wrote at 1.30am this morning. At this moment when I’m writing, my eyes are dry and I’m tired so I’m going to bed. I’m still going to schedule this to be posted in the morning, even though I didn’t proof read it. I just read my friend Tracy’s post, saying that she gives her all while doing everything. I feel bad because this is quite half assed. Then again, that’s how I feel about this CC cream. So let it show!

Night night 🙂



xoxo Lily


ps: here’s the ingredient list in case you’re interested


By Terry CC Cream Ingredients




  • LOL Lily hahaha I think you gave your all! You are up at 1:30 AM writing this-even I don’t do that HAHAHA! That’s dedication lady! And you know what, I don’t give my all when it comes to house cleaning because holy frack my house is a mess 😛
    Too bad about this CC Cream though. At least you are getting some use of it. I’m not a huge fan of her products to be honest. When I’m in the US and I see it I take a look, but nothing ever seems worth the money to me. It’s just such a pricey brand. I did have one of her undereye concealers years ago I picked up and France and did like that one though. But, for that price I can get a concealer that works just as well PLUS some lipsticks and blush I’m guessing.

    • Lily

      When I’m curious about a brand, I tend to go a little nuts. And at one point, I was very curious about By Terry. Their Densillis foundation is pretty good though. The eye shadow sticks were inconsistent and a disappointment (currently loving the Burberry ones!).
      Nowadays, I splurge on skincare 🙂

  • Staying up till 1.30am is dedication and I agree with Tracy that you are giving your all. LOL! I never have much luck with CC creams in general so this is a no no for me. The only CC cream that I get along with is from IT Cosmetics, have you tried that? It’s really good!

    • Lily

      I’ve never tried anything from IT Cosmetics. I’ve read a lot of good things about their stuff but the brand is not available here. I also don’t think they ship here, so that’s a bummer!

  • DEDICATION! wow 😉 I also don’t really like CC creams, because i ‘m not sure what the point is. They never look right!

    • Lily

      Not dedication. I couldn’t sleep and thought it would be good to blog while I had the time 🙂
      I really like Bobbi Brown’s CC Cream and had high hopes for this. Too bad huh?

  • Whoa, 85 USD for that? You’re right, better on spending it on something else like skincare. Handjob… you’re too funny 😀 I’ve never bought a CC cream, only used a few samples and the thing is I actually liked them but thought, this would be yet ANOTHER step in my beauty routine, too lazy for it!

    • Lily

      I tend to forget CC creams are like primers. I usually treat these alphabet creams as normal bases. Oh well, maybe when my skin gets drier then this will be good… if it hasn’t gone bad that is.

  • Gosh you’re far more dedicated than me!! I was falling asleep on my Nashi Blossom review, so I can totally feel you! This one is ok on me in general, but what I didn’t understand was how it has zero SPF??? And there’s nothing in there in the way of skincare, with the exception of some glycerin. Where’s the multi-tasking? You’re right, money could have been spent elsewhere…. i’d go for a massage!

    • Lily

      Oh massage. It’s been so long since I had one!! I should schedule one for myself. Just need to ask my parents to help me babysit for a while.